Penetrating Review: Skisea Wireless Apple Carplay Car Stereo, the Future of Retro Cars

The Skisea Wireless Apple CarPlay Car Stereo is clearly taking retro cars a step forward. It offers seamless wireless connectivity between your phone and car which we found to be incredibly convenient. Connecting an iPhone felt like magic, with direct access to apps, maps, and features being a breeze using the car’s touchscreen display and Siri’s voice commands.

The Android Auto compatibility is just icing on the cake. With both wireless and wired connection options available, this Android auto screen caters to all Android users, effortlessly transforming the retro car experience into a futuristic living fantasy.

One thing our team found impressive was the built-in dash cam system. Sporting a clear 2.5K HD front camera and an 1080p rear camera, the ability to view footage from both cameras simultaneously offered unmatched driving experience and security.

In terms of navigation, the 9-inch HD touch screen offers precise real-time tracking and GPS positioning. The voice-guided navigation made sure we never took a wrong turn, providing real-time route suggestions for traffic jams and lane changes.

The sound experience we had was exceptional. Bluetooth, AUX, FM transitions were smooth, and the audio delivered via our car’s speakers was notably clear. This car stereo even connects to an FM transmitter, enabling wireless transmission on the same channel as our car’s FM radio, which was quite handy.

The installation process we went through was simple and straightforward. Best part? It fit all cars in our retro lot. Whether it’s a truck, van, or old classic, this car stereo melds flawlessly creating a mesmerising blend of retro and avant-garde tech.

The Skisea Wireless Apple CarPlay Car Stereo was substantially brighter and quicker than many brandless units our team has tested, and the built-in dash cam was unusually clear.

While the audio output via the aux output/input was not the best we’ve experienced, through the FM transmitter output, the sound was reasonably clear and sufficient for casual driving and listening. The sound felt just a tad compressed and slightly distorted, but not enough to be a dealbreaker.

We were stunned by the sharp and vibrant display, and the speed of this device is unparalleled in comparison to other head units that we’ve installed in the past. The Skisea CarPlay works flawlessly with virtually no lag between applications, making it a perfect solution for those in need of zippy Apple CarPlay functionality.

One minor con of this device is that the backup camera setup can be a little challenging, especially when it comes to hiding the wiring. That said, the payoff will undoubtedly be worth it considering the improvement it provides over standard factory backup cameras.

In summary, if you’re looking to spruce up your retro car with some smart tech or looking for a more interactive and safe driving experience, the Skisea Wireless Apple CarPlay Car Stereo is a worthy investment. With incredible features packed into one single device, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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