Westods Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto Review

Being firm believers in driving in style without sacrificing the wonders of modern technology, we recently tested the “Westods Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto”. With its promise of perfectly marrying retro and modern, this piece of tech has proven itself to be a phenomenal companion for the enthusiastic retro car driver.


This all-encompassing, multi-functional device offers both wireless Carplay and Android Auto capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, amongst a plethora of other amenities. Equipped with front 2.5K and rear 1080P cameras, it promises crystal clear visuals of the road for more precise reversing and safer journeys.

One of its defining features is the 7″ HD IPS screen which delivers vivid imagery and accessible touchscreen control. With an impressive 1024×600 resolution, it ensures top-notch quality for video playback and GPS navigation.

It also offers a range of audio output options, a much appreciated nod to flexibility. Furthermore, it comes with a 64GB Micro SD card, replacing the hassle of having to procure one separately. The device is designed to be incredibly user-friendly with its easy installation process, allowing you to avoid any complications with the central control.

Pros and Cons


The device consistently delivers on its promise of striking visuals and seamless touchscreen control. The crystal-clear quality of the front and rear cameras is unprecedented in a portable unit, providing a clear view for safer reversing and parking. The system is snappy, reliable, and incredibly useful.

When it comes to installation, it doesn’t pose any daunting challenges, with the user-friendly design making it a plug-and-play experience. The added touch of customizable startup logos was appreciated, as was the incredibly responsive support from Westods.

The Wireless Carplay and Android Auto functionalities give users a wire-free experience, reducing the clutter while driving. With both Carplay and Android Auto active, the system loads quickly and operates without any hitches, providing a smooth and convenient utilization. Additionally, the overall quality of the unit, as well as the backup camera, remains consistent, adding a level of reliability highly sought-after in aftermarket tech.


Despite its many pros, we have noticed a few cons worth mentioning. It takes a little too long for the system to start up with wireless Carplay. Although the backup camera’s cord length was satisfactory for standard cars, it falls drastically short for larger vehicles, which would necessitate acquiring an extension. Furthermore, the system seems to drain the battery quickly when left on overnight, particularly for cars with constantly powered 12v sockets.

We found problems with the screen mirroring function, specifically for Android users. The need to download a questionable program was concerning, to say the least, and the feature seemed operative only for Apple devices. Last but not least, the device’s screen doesn’t switch from Day to Night mode automatically, obstructing the navigation experience, especially for Android users. Although the attentive service from Westods’ tech support tried to solve these issues, there is a need for a more comprehensive in-built resolution.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, the “Upgraded Westods Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto with 2.5K Dash Cam, 1080P Backup Camera, Portable 7″ HD IPS Screen for Car” exceeds expectations in many fronts, offering a modern yet user-friendly driving experience suitable even for retro car enthusiasts. It’s an excellent investment for those in need of a full-featured, high-quality infotainment system that isn’t tied down by pesky wires. Keep aware of a few downsides, however, such as screen mirroring issues and potential battery drain if left powered overnight. We’d recommend prospective buyers to weigh these factors in their decision-making process.

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