SANPTENT Double Din Car Stereo Review: A Budget-Friendly Infotainment Upgrade with Some Hitches

Here at Retro Tech Drives, we often dream of pairing classic style with modern tech. The SANPTENT Double Din Car Stereo Radio, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, caught our eye promising just that – a marriage of new and old. After in-depth testing and user observations, we took a deep dive into the device’s many features, real-world usage, and found it to be a mixed bag – it’s like an ambitious road trip with a few surprising hiccups.

Features & Specifications

The SANPTENT Double Din radio boasts compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, offering seamless integration with smartphones. The 7-inch HD capacitive touchscreen is both clear and responsive, adding a modern feel to your classic ride. One of the pull factors of this device is its mirroring function – shown via a USB line, content from your smartphone can be synchronously displayed on the car stereo.

Additionally, this stereo incorporates a backup camera, a feature that enhances driving safety by automatically displaying reverse images on the screen when the car is backing up. With a working voltage at DC 12V and a maximum power output of 4x60W, it accommodates standard sizes and universal power in most vehicles. However, note that it supports external amplifiers but not subwoofers.

Performance: Hits and Misses

On the plus side, the sound quality leaves a decent impression; the FM radio reception, as well as audio playing off USB drives and TF cards, is clear, and the availability of a 13 or 15-band customizable EQ enhances the audio experience.

Effective integration with Carplay and Android Auto makes for a productive connection with map navigation, phone contacts, music, and more. Users have also noted that the steering wheel remote control is a thoughtful addition, promising ease of control while driving.

However, there are noticeable drawbacks. The standard-sized radio isn’t a perfect fit for all vehicles, and we found issues with the screen mirroring function, which disgruntled many users. Despite its advertised feature, you may only watch YouTube or online videos, but not actual movies.

The device doesn’t keep settings if the unit is removed or the car battery is disconnected – an inconvenient and antiquated feature that feels out of place in a modern device. Consistent iPhone users reported technical difficulties related to the main power button and the USB port, which impacted the functionality of Carplay. A few users also experienced poor audio quality on the receiving end when using the device to handle phone calls.

Perhaps the biggest letdown was the lack of AM radio functionality, contrary to its product description. This may be a show-stopper based on your preferences and listening habits.


Considering it barely hovers above the $100 mark, the SANPTENT Double Din Car Stereo is a reasonable bang-for-the-buck option for those who want to upgrade their vehicle’s infotainment system on a budget. While it delivers a good enough audio experience and smartphone integration, it also presents a number of shortcomings.

If you’re installing this in a weekend car or a project vehicle – and you can work around the misses mentioned above – this device could be a feasible selection. However, for frequent drivers and music lovers seeking a flawless, reliable multimedia experience, you might want to consider other options in the market.

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