Review: Carpuride Newest w701 Wireless Portable Apple Carplay & Android Auto

As a retro car enthusiast, it’s a common struggle to maintain the original aesthetics of your ride while yearning for modern tech convenience. That’s where the Carpuride Newest w701 Wireless Portable Apple Carplay & Android Auto comes in!

Boasting a seamless blend of old school charisma and modern convenience, there’s no surprise this device has generated curiosity among retro car lovers. With sophisticated features like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, this 7-inch IPS touchscreen offers advanced functionalities while simplifying controls for safer in-vehicle experience.

The device easily syncs with your iOS or Android smartphone, displaying all crucial apps like maps and music on a large responsive screen. You can now easily mirror links, making your trip more enjoyable. What made it stand out in our testing was its resolution offering an impressively clear viewing experience.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, the device ensures a safer driving experience. The hands-free capability allows you to answer calls without having to wrestle with your phone, and the built-in mic adds to the convenience. The sound quality is commendable when played through aux, delivering a delightful aural experience.

Adding to the package, the Carpuride w701 comes with a backup camera that facilitates safe reversing. The night vision and waterproof features lend an extra safety layer, something we found to be a lifesaver during nocturnal drives in unpredictable weather.

Despite its extensive features, some users found the installation challenging, mainly concerning the backup camera. While the device comes with a comprehensive installation manual, some found it complicated, and others had to seek professional help.

The only complaints we had were regarding the FM transmitter. During our trials, we found that, while the device works, the FM transmitter faced significant static issues, causing occasional interruptions in an otherwise smooth operation.

We loved how convenient it is to mount this device on the dashboard or windshield. The base supports 360° rotation, allowing you to adjust its position as per your preference. However, some users found that suction wasn’t as strong as expected, leading the unit to fall off occasionally.

Despite these minor issues, it’s fair to say the Carpuride w701 is a game-changer for those looking to upgrade their old car stereo system without digging too deep into their wallets. Thanks to its compact size and easy installation, it’s a breeze to take your classic car’s tech game to the next level.

The device’s customer service is commendable. Based on our experience and feedback, the support team appears committed to resolving issues promptly and professionally. Even though some users faced challenges with some features, the friendly and responsive team at Carpuride was quick to tackle the situation.

To conclude, the Carpuride Newest w701 Wireless Portable Apple Carplay & Android Auto is beyond a reasonable doubt an excellent way to add modern functions to your old-school ride. With a rating of 4.1/5 on Amazon, it easily stands out as a highly reliable and user-friendly device, bringing the best of both worlds to your beloved retro car.

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