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In-Depth Review: Podofo Car Stereo 2 Din Car Radio 7 Inch MP5 Player with HD Touch Screen

In our quest to test and review tech products designed for retro cars, we set out to test the Podofo Car Stereo 2 Din Car Radio 7 Inch MP5 Player with HD Touch Screen. Boasting a 7-inch HD digital display with touch screen features, this MP5 player runs on Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and includes a backup camera. At a glance, this equipment promises to bring retro cars the ease of modern technology. Let’s delve deeper into our findings.

Exploring the Features

The Podofo Car Stereo slots into your car’s dual-DIN slot and comes with a wide range of features. Alongside the standard FM radio tuner, this multimedia player also supports USB, SD, AUX-in, and Bluetooth connectivity. Besides, the stereo is equipped with an HD waterproof super night vision rear camera, which kicks into operation as soon as you put the car into reverse gear. It also has a preset max 4*45W amplifier that maintains a higher 4*24w RMS power output.

Installation and User Experience

Integrating the Podofo Car Stereo into our test car was a breeze. Although it doesn’t fit perfectly into every model, simple modifications can solve this minor hiccup. We found that the interface was fairly user-friendly, and its Bluetooth function performed excellently with little to no hassle in connecting mobile devices for handsfree communication. The built-in EQ options provided discernable sound changes, tweaking the audio quality to a favorable point.

Hidden Complexities

While we experienced fair functionality, we did encounter a realm of complexities. First, we were unable to display artist/song information on the HUD when connected to Bluetooth. We also observed some shortcomings with the screen mirroring feature: audio from videos was slow and stuttering, making this feature less enjoyable. In addition, there is no AM radio option, which could be a disadvantage for some users.

Product Drawbacks

Like any other product, the Podofo Car Stereo has its share of drawbacks and issues. To start with, when the phone is charging via the stereo, the Bluetooth function is unavailable. Additionally, the unit lacks mounting hardware – you have to use old mounting brackets or buy a universal mount. And depending on the specifics of your car, there might be gaps on the sides of the unit that have to be filled in.


In the grand scheme, the Podofo Car Stereo 2 Din Car Radio 7 Inch MP5 Player with HD Touch Screen ranks fairly on the scale of affordability and functionality. It offers a range of features that bring a touch of modern convenience to retro cars. While the cons are considerable, if you are looking for a budget-friendly stereo with Bluetooth and FM, this device does the job. Just bear in mind that you might compromise on some advanced features. But for its price and the core features it brings, we think it’s a good bet!

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