Product Review: Naifay Double Din Car Stereo Compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto

In our mission to test and provide you with in-depth reviews of retro tech for your drives, we recently took the plunge on a promising budget-friendly car stereo: the “Naifay Double Din Car Stereo Compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.” This intriguing console comes with an array of enticing features, such as a 7-inch HD touchscreen, backup camera, Bluetooth connectivity, mirror link, and superior sound quality.

Carplay and Android Auto Compatibility

The first striking feature is that this unit is built-in with Apple Carplay and Android Auto – a rare bargain for a budget-friendly stereo. This allows you to focus on your drive while making calls, receiving messages, enjoying your favourite music, and even receive directions through voice assistant.

Bluetooth 5.1

It features an upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 version, providing a more stable connection, capturing your voice clearly for better call experiences, and providing blissful music listening moments.

Mirror link Function

The 7-inch stereo also has a phone mirror link function that works superbly with both iOS and Android devices. You can easily sync your phone’s content to the stereo for a larger screen experience, which comes in handy with apps like Google Maps, Spotify, Youtube, and others.

Rear View Backup Camera

The unit comes with a free rear-view camera that boasts HD night vision and a 170-degree ultra-wide viewing angle. There is also an automatic switch to the video input signal while reversing, which significantly simplifies parking.

Voice Control

Voice control is a big plus here, especially with the user-friendly Google Assistant integration. It does make navigating menus, making calls, and even changing music much safer and convenient while on the road.

Installation & Customer Service

The manufacturer provides clear installation instructions and offers dedicated 7*24 hours of after-sales technical support. However, potential buyers are advised to check if their dashboard opening size fits the stereo to avoid any unnecessary disappointments.

Sound Quality

The console maintains an impressive sound quality, thanks to the built-in and external microphone interface, providing unrivalled audio streaming quality.

But just as with any other product on the market, this console comes with some minor issues. The most notable among customers is the inconsistent connection with Android Auto – the connection sometimes requires unplugging and replugging the device to connect properly. The physical control buttons may also stick once in a while, and viewing the screen from certain angles can be challenging due to lower-than-ideal color contrast.

Furthermore, while the unit comes with a backup camera, it lacks sufficient power to charge phones when used for navigation and music. Some users also mention that the microphone could use better placement as it doesn’t pick up voice commands correctly, creating issues during calls.

Despite these minor setbacks, the Naifay Double Din Car Stereo Compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto is still a phenomenal product that offers a lot at an unbeatable budget price. It’s a decent pick if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s audio system to a touchscreen enabled, Bluetooth, and Carplay/Android Auto compatible model. The overall experience and features, considering the affordable price point, make this double din car stereo a worthwhile investment.

If you’re not bent on branding and can overlook small hiccups for an otherwise stable and feature-packed budget-friendly stereo system, this unit might just be the perfect fit for your car.

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