Gxegauy Double Din Car Stereo: The Modern Retro Twist

Retro Tech Drives consistently follows the cutting-edge transformation of technology as it melds with the classics. We have recently tested the Gxegauy Double Din Car Stereo, a 7-inch system fully compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We’ve set our sights on its performance and features, and today we are sharing an in-depth review from our tech team.

Features & Specifications

The Gxegauy Double Din Car Stereo comes with a healthy array of features, which includes a 7-inch High Definition touchscreen, Bluetooth compatibility, FM radio, and multiple input sources (USB/TF/AUX Port). All these feather into the cap of an audio receiver that fits common car sizes. It also operates on a DC 12V power source and outputs 4 x 45 W, making it a potent fit for any classic car. Its compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows users to safely access navigation, contacts, and media, all hands-free. The universal color code for wires simplifies the installation process.

Performance: Experience & Sound

We found ourselves pleasantly surprised by the Double Din Car Stereo. Upon testing, the unit swiftly starts up within 5 to 10 seconds, a speed which leaves older systems in the dust. One of the standout pros we discovered was the unit’s seamless integration with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, reacting faster to Android pairings. While we didn’t utilize an external amp during testing, the built-in audio was satisfyingly clear and sonorous, living up to users’ high expectations.

User Experience

The ease of installation is an undeniable pro of this system. With its universal color-coded wires, the process is easy and straightforward even for those apprehensive about doing it themselves. Once installed, this system transforms older cars and infuses them with palpable modern functionality. Users will appreciate the immediacy of the touchscreen, responding instantly to presses with no delays.


In spite of its high score, we found a few cons worth mentioning. Notably, we observed some performance limitations with the built-in microphone. For better quality, we recommend purchasing an external microphone. Nevertheless, the internal mic’s performance is passable for casual use.


All in all, for its price point, the Gxegauy Double Din Car Stereo sets a high bar for feature-packed, accessible, and easy-to-install car audio solutions. The convenience of wireless connectivity coupled with the flexibility of multiple input sources suits tech-savvy users seeking to revolutionize their classic drives. With the considerations of a few manageable trade-offs, it overall makes for an investment worth making. These qualities combined lead to its well-deserved 4.9/5 rating.

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