Behold, an in-depth journey into an innovative fusion of retro and modern technology – the Spedal NaviCam-786 Car Screen Apple CarPlay Dash Mount. This remarkable device is a revelation for those seeking to upgrade their retro cars with the latest smartphone functionality, and here at Retro Tech Drives, we’ve been putting it through its paces.

This car stereo system successfully bridges the gap between the old and new, leveraging CarPlay or Android Auto technology to offer a sophisticated navigation system that eliminates the need for constant map updates. The NaviCam-786 embraces the convenience of wireless technology, connecting your smartphone effortlessly and bringing an array of features and apps to its 7-inch portable car device. The results are remarkably smooth, offering seamless integration for calls, texts, music, and more.

The secret to NaviCam-786 convenience is the Android/IOS Mirror Link that uses AirPlay and Android Cast to wirelessly mirror your device’s screen on the 7-inch HD display. It’s perfect for sharing media or navigation with passengers, and also allows you to play music and videos directly from your TF card—an impressive addition.

As music lovers, what stood out for us was the Bluetooth Stereo Sound Quality that allows a direct connection to your car’s Bluetooth for a lossless car audio experience. The NaviCam-786 ensures excellent stability, which places it a cut above most portable car stereos. Plus, the integrated speaker offers substantial noise, and the option to connect via an aux cable or FM transmission brings versatility.

Siri and Google Assistant incorporation makes for an exceptional voice-command experience. It doesn’t just make your driving safer; it’s a real convenience feature that allows you to navigate, play music, and message by voice command.

Despite the numerous features, the NaviCam-786 is incredibly easy to install, requiring no professional assistance or modification to your original vehicle design. Plus, you get a clean, clutter-free environment as a bonus.

Now, onto the less impressive bits discovered during our rigorous testing. One issue we noticed is that the camera could not be disabled. While some may appreciate this device’s dashcam function, this isn’t a universally desired feature and the inability to disable it could be a drawback for some. Another gripe is the software’s inability to play audio and videos from the SD card. While not a dealbreaker, it’s an area for potential development for the manufacturers.

Also, for those utilizing Android Auto, bear in mind that it’s only available for Android 11 and upward. This can be inconvenient if you, like several of our testers, use older Android phones. It’s a clear area of improvement and something to consider before purchasing if your phone is somewhat dated.

A minor nitpick we came across is the missing mirror link, which may be important for some users, and though the overall resolution is decent, tech enthusiasts may notice that it gives a 720P feel which is not fully satisfying.

In summary, the Spedal NaviCam-786 performs remarkably well for what it’s designed to do—bring smart technology to any vehicle. Despite minor drawbacks, its blend of features, usability, and easy installation makes it a worthy investment for those wanting to combine retro charm with modern functionality. NaviCam-786 rightfully earns a 4.3/5 rating in our books!

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