Review: Oeretzrac 7 Inch Car Stereo Double Din Bluetooth 5.1

At Retro Tech Drives, we’re always on the lookout for new additions to the retro tech car world. Recently, we crossed paths with the “Oeretzrac 7 Inch Car Stereo Double Din Bluetooth 5.1”, a car stereo system aiming to revolutionize your vintage ride with modern tech luxuries. We decided to put it to test and here’s what our team found out.


This car stereo offers a high-resolution, clear and bright 7-inch LCD display, which is just perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite videos on the go. The screen was responsive and did a fair job of displaying vivid images even in bright daylight.

Remarkably, it’s not just a car stereo; it’s an all-in-one entertainment system offering a plethora of features like Bluetooth, USB, TF card reader (supports up to 32GB), AUX, remote and steering wheel control. However, it lacks a CD/DVD player, which might be a deal-breaker for some.

The feature that particularly impressed us was the PHONE Mirror Link. It stands testament to the fact that this car stereo is future proof. Using Mirror Link, you can display your phone’s navigation map on the car stereo. However, it doesn’t support Carplay function and lacks an in-built GPS.

This double din car stereo fits universally in most cars. It measures 7.0” X 3.94” X 1.97”. The package also comes with a backup camera providing automatic reverse image when in reversing mode.


If there’s one thing that stood out instantly, it was the stereo’s sound output. Despite its affordable price, this double din car stereo delivers a surprisingly good sound quality that rivals even more expensive options in the market. The install process can be bit tricky if you are not equipped with the right wire harness.

While the Bluetooth connection was pretty stable, we did pick up a slight echo on the microphone. Also, our team noticed a bit of background noise when switching to the Bluetooth mode, though this noise disappeared as soon as a song started playing.

However, not all was a smooth ride with this stereo. The physical buttons on the stereo seemed to be wired incorrectly, causing confusion when adjusting volume levels. We found the same issue on a second unit we tested, implying a production-error rather than a single defective piece. And while the USB connection worked for charging, we faced issues when trying to use it for the Mirror Link feature.

Public Verdict

This double din car stereo carries a whole lot of value given its humble price tag. It does indeed meet the basic needs of an average car stereo user who wants a pinch of modern tech in their classic ride. The build quality, however, needs a bit more polishing, with some customers voicing issues in the device’s fit and finish.

But keep in mind, as one satisfied user put it, “this is a 60 dollar radio, not a 300 dollar one”, so expectations should be adjusted accordingly. For those in the market for a decent budget car stereo packed with modern conveniences, this could very well be a worthy consideration.

The team at Retro Tech Drives thoroughly enjoyed testing out this car stereo and we must say, it’s certainly a promising addition for any retro car lover looking for a tint of the latest tech features.

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