Cartreque Portable Wireless Car Stereo Review

A Comprehensive Review of the Cartreque Portable Wireless Car Stereo

In the bustling world of automobile enhancements, the Cartreque Portable Wireless Car Stereo confidently stands out. Equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, this car stereo makes staying connected during your journeys effortless. It’s capable of syncing your phone and allowing hands-free functions like calls, music, and navigation without the need for pesky wires.

The installation process for this device is straightforward, not needing any special tools or expertise. Simply plug it in and drive away, tethering its suction bracket easily to your vehicle. Its compatibility is also impressive, accommodating a vast range of models from cars, trucks, to even campervans and trailers.

The device comes with an added perk of a rear-view camera, which aids in parking. Regardless of weather conditions or darkness, the AHD night vision camera’s clear auxiliary lines provide a comprehensive perspective of what lies behind.

The car stereo’s advanced connectivity extends to Android and IOS smartphones through the Mirror Link function. Once connected via Bluetooth, the car stereo syncs maps, movies, and other apps to its screen. The 1024*600 resolution full touch HD capacitive monitor is exquisite, boasting ultra-high sensitivity, faster response, and a display packed with undistorted colors.

While the Cartreque Portable Wireless Car Stereo is robust in its features, our in-depth testing revealed some pros and cons worth addressing.

Pros of the Cartreque Portable Wireless Car Stereo

Overall, our testing team found the device to be highly reliable and consistent. It boasts a quick startup and always connects to Apple’s CarPlay promptly. The device’s call quality is mostly good, although some audio feedback issues were noted. Despite this, the call functionality was still deemed satisfactory, with map features, text message voice responses, and music streaming working flawlessly. For those with long commutes or road trips, these features promise an enjoyable, hassle-free journey.

Of particular merit, the device’s auxiliary cord is robust and enjoys a feedback-free operation. The backup camera feature also proved to be a pleasant surprise, offering fantastic clarity and certainly adding value for money.

Cons of the Cartreque Portable Wireless Car Stereo

With all good comes a bit of the bad, and our team picked up on a few downsides. Some users found the setup process confusing, specifically the reverse lines for the backup camera. A few testers also mentioned frustration with the clutter caused by power wires and how the device takes over the 12-Volt outlet. This could be a significant disadvantage if your vehicle only has one outlet.

There were a few issues reported with the FM transmission and call quality, with some testers experiencing feedback and a ringing noise during voice calls. It’s also worth noting that the device felt cheaply made to some, with reports of the 12-Volt power cable arriving broken or not fitting properly in standard auto outlets.

In conclusion, with a 4.3/5 rating on Amazon, the Cartreque Portable Wireless Car Stereo offers a wealth of features at a fair price point. High degree of compatibility, ease of installation, and the convenience of hands-free operation make it a compelling choice. While minor glitches exist, they are largely overshadowed by the device’s robust offerings.

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