SJOYBRING Double Din Car Stereo with Voice Control CarPlay: A Detailed Review

The technological boom has made a significant impact on the automotive world, and one such manifestation is the SJOYBRING Double Din car stereo with Voice Control CarPlay. We’ve had the pleasure of putting this device through its paces, exploring every feature in-depth, and providing you with an unbiased review.

Main Features

One of the primary features of this product is its voice-controlled CarPlay, offering safe and easy access to your iPhone’s functionality while you drive. You get to make calls, listen to music, and navigate, all while keeping your hands on the wheel. This device ensures enhanced driver safety with its built-in hands-free Bluetooth system. This feature offers you clear, echo-free calls and a high-definition music streaming experience.

The car stereo also offers a feature called Mirror Link, which allows the sync of any content from your iOS or Android phone to display on its 7-inch stereo screen in real-time. This can come in handy for navigation or entertainment purposes on a journey. The fully capacitive 7-inch touch HD screen ensures improved sensitivity and precision for every interaction, and the physical buttons provide further operational ease.

The product comes with a free reversing camera. The system automatically displays the rearview image when the vehicle shifts into reverse, aiding in safer and more efficient parking. The camera has a wide-angle, 170-degree view with HD night vision capability. What’s more, the Double Din car stereo is packed with an equalizer system allowing you to customize your audio settings to match your preference.

Pros and Cons

From our testing, we’ve observed that this product offers excellent value for money. The audio quality is superior, and the equalizer adds customization to the sound to cater to individual preferences. However, one con is the stereo’s inability to play music files in alphabetical order from your USB or SD card, which could make song searches tricky.

The installation process, on the whole, was smooth, and the stereo proved to be an excellent upgrade from the factory-standard system. However, if you’re updating the device using a thumb drive, ensure the radio is not powered off mid-update. We noted these little quirks during our testing process.

The touchscreen display works wonderfully and mirrors your smartphone’s interface, providing familiar and intuitive control. However, we did encounter issues with the mirroring feature on iOS devices, which stopped working after several uses. While the device performed quite well considering its price point, we did encounter some discrepancies with the internal microphone and the remote control that we thought was worth mentioning.

We also realized that whether or not this double din unit fits into your car is hugely dependent on your vehicle model. For instance, it fit perfectly into a 2005 Ford Escape Limited with the correct mounting gear, but it couldn’t fit into a standard double din opening. Hence, prospective buyers are advised to measure their dash opening size carefully to avoid sizing issues.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the SJOYBRING Double Din Car Stereo with Voice Control CarPlay and Bluetooth offers several advanced, high-tech features for a satisfactory user experience. It definitely packs a punch considering its price. There are a few minor glitches as reviewed here, but overall, we’d conclude that this device is a worthy investment for any retro car lover wanting to integrate some modern tech into their ride.

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