Review: Hikity Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto with a Portable Car Stereo Bluetooth and Dash Cam

At Retro Tech Drives, we are constantly on the lookout for products that revolutionize the driving experience in our beloved retro cars. Recently, we tested the “Hikity Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto, Portable Car Stereo Bluetooth with Dash Cam, 9.3 Inch HD Touchscreen Display, FM Transmitter Rear View Camera AUX Cable”. This device, with several intriguing features and a 4.1/5 rating on Amazon, caught our attention for a variety of reasons.

Power-packed specifications

The device’s standout specifications include wireless CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, enabling simple access to smartphone features through a Bluetooth connection on a 9.3-inch anti-glare touchscreen. The high-resolution display supports a two-way video split. We found that firmware updates could be a bit tricky, an issue for which customer assistance may be required.

It also includes a dash cam with day and night seamless loop recording for front and rear view perspectives, making driving safer. The reversing guide line is adjustable, catering to various drivers’ preferences. One extraordinary feature is its compatibility with all types of vehicles – cars, campers, RVs, trucks, and vans. All thanks to its 7-32V wide voltage.

Musical features

The device also serves as a music player. It can play music via Bluetooth, FM transmitter, and with an AUX cable. From our testing, while the FM transmitter and Bluetooth functionality can sufficiently handle phone calls and navigation, optimum musical experience is achievable via AUX connectivity. We did, however, notice a buzzing feedback when AUX is selected, which is remedied with a 3.5mm ground loop isolator.

User Experience

The device navigated perfectly on CarPlay, with Waze and Pandora working without hitches. Its voice control functionality is also quite impressive. It took some time for initial setup, mainly in hiding the wires for a cleaner look. It does suffer from occasional disconnections, usually happening around critical navigation moments, requiring multiple restarts to regain proper connection.

Quality of Calls

Quality during phone calls was another aspect we had some concern with. Some of our testing team found that the audio broke up making conversation during driving difficult. Voice commands were also hit-and-miss, working better when the car was stationary. Therefore, for essential calls or accurate voice commands, you might have to pull over or ensure the ambient noise level is low.

Customer Service

One aspect that certainly stood out was the level of customer service. The device’s customer service is very responsive and willing to address any concerns with the device. So, if there are any issues arising during usage, you can expect prompt and helpful replies.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, while the device has minor setbacks in areas such as call and music quality, overall, for its price point, it performs remarkably well. It integrates well with the car’s interface, doesn’t obstruct view, and gives an old car fresh technological appeal. This device, with its extensive smartphone accessibility, clear backup camera, and effective navigation system, indeed fits the bill for a comprehensive car upgrade.

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