SANPTENT Wireless Apple CarPlay Dash Mount Review – A Retro Tech Drives Assessment

As a team of seasoned testers, we’ve had our hands on the SANPTENT Wireless Apple CarPlay Dash Mount for the last few weeks, and it’s time to share our findings. Designed to make our driving experiences safer and more enjoyable, this high-tech gadget has been a game-changer in many ways.

The unit integrates wireless & wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto over a Bluetooth connection, essentially placing your smartphone’s functionality at your fingertips. This significant advancement allows drivers to access maps, contacts, music and much more while keeping distractions at bay. However, we did find it to take a while before CarPlay started – sometimes it would take about 30 minutes to initiate, which proved to be slightly inconvenient.

The product is incredibly easy to install, courtesy of its smart mount design that eliminates the need for complex installation methods or extra tools. Impressively, it poses compatibility with an array of vehicles such as cars, trucks and even trailers with a voltage adaptability of 12-24v. But note that a set of unfortunate testers had their device stop working abruptly, suspecting it was a power adapter malfunction.

The CarPlay upgrade sports an upgraded chipset and a full HD touchscreen, which grants faster processing speeds, a more durable wireless connection and higher quality visuals. That said, the auxiliary input and USB port are positioned uncomfortably close to each other, which means you might not be able to use both simultaneously.

A rear camera was also included in the package, providing drivers with a high-definition reverse image assistance, that automatically shuts off after you’ve finished reversing. Night vision and waterproof protection make this a handy tool even in tougher conditions. However, installing the camera presented a challenge to some of us. The fact that the positive wire must run from the front to the trunk to power it made for a real chore. Adding to this, the image was upside down when not top-mounted.

One downside we noted regards the stereo’s FM functionality. It lacks the ability to receive and play a radio signal, which could be disappointing to certain users. There are also many wires involved in the setup, which can be a bother, especially if you are averse to wires lying around.

Another thing that gave us pause was the device’s hold, which didn’t deliver to our expectations. The holder would often not hold its position, especially in the summer sun. Not something you’d want if you aim to keep your cabin neat.

We also came across an issue with certain apps, specifically, Audicy and IHeart had some difficulty being displayed on the screen.

Lastly, note that the instruction manual appears to be for a different unit altogether, causing initial setup confusion. The customer service, though, was responsive and promptly addressed our queries.

In conclusion, the SANPTENT Wireless Apple CarPlay Dash Mount makes for an excellent addition to your retro car, allowing you access to modern tech and amenities. However, with some significant drawbacks noticed in our tests, we recommend thoroughly evaluating your needs and expectations before investing.

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