Foxpark Solar Wireless Backup Camera | A Comprehensive Review

Foxpark Solar Wireless Backup Camera – Backing Up Into the Future

As classic car enthusiasts here at Retro Tech Drives, we desire the feel and character of our dear vintage machines but also wish for the advancements of modern technology. Lucky for us, the Foxpark Solar Wireless Backup Camera is one such innovation that effortlessly bridges this gap.

This camera system, capable of delivering HD 1080P resolution on a 5″ monitor, brings out vivid images avoiding any color differences. Its performance remains consistently high even in low light conditions or at night, making reversing a breeze.

An interesting feature that caught our eye was the solar recharging capability. This camera cleverly solves the power issue in a neat, green way. Either let the natural sunlight do its job or use a USB port in case of inadequate sunlight – the options for keeping your device charged are versatile. The battery itself has proven durable, serving us consistently through extensive testing periods.

The Foxpark system also boasts an IP69 water resistance rating. Whether flashing through rainy weather or a thorough car wash, this camera stayed intact presenting no fog or blurriness.

Installation – A Breeze?

According to Foxpark, all you need for setting up this system is a screwdriver, and voilĂ , it’s ready in 3 minutes. We found this claim to be largely accurate. Drilling or messing about with your car’s wiring system is unnecessary. The bracket needed some improvisation for certain cars, but once in place, it provided a firm grip.

However, some of us did face challenges with the suction cup used for mounting the camera. It was not always reliable and, for some, did not stick well on glass. This led us to suggest potential users to use an alternative sticking tape for better results.

Customer Service at its Best

Should you stumble upon any issues with the product, the company’s responsive and caring customer service won’t let you down. Whether it was quick troubleshooting, sending a replacement, or even upgrading the system for free, we can safely vouch for their top-notch service commitment.

Our Verdict

Looking back at our experience, the Foxpark Solar Wireless Backup Camera System did not disappoint. Its high-resolution camera, ease of installation, solar charging, and exceptional customer service make a strong case for it. However, we found that the operating time could be extended, and the suction cup needs some improvement. That said, for its fair price, this product promises a worthwhile investment especially for those keen to mix the old charm with modern upgrades.

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