eRapta Backup Camera Review: A Retro-Tech Enhancement for Your Ride

At Retro Tech Drives, we understand the perfect blend of the classics with present technology turning your sturdy old vehicle into a modern tech marvel. Today, we delve into our recent experience with the eRapta Backup Camera for Truck 7”HD 1080P Front Rear View Monitor kit.

Bolstered by a 1080P 7” larger TFT monitor, connected to a camera via a 33ft power cable, the eRapta Backup Camera System brings an unprecedented viewing experience to drivers. Its large, crisp, and clear image representation makes parking and reverse driving an effortless endeavor for vehicles of all sizes.

The setup was refreshingly straightforward. Powered by the car charger and a supplied adapter for the cigarette lighter, the installation process was smooth. However, prewiring it to the reverse lights was not a straightforward task and might be challenging for some.

Its build quality is impressive, with the camera’s shell made up of IP69 material, offering an excellent level of resistance against shock and high temperatures. What intrigued us was the fact that the camera system boasts a 149 ° field of view, which substantially reduces blind spots and makes parking safer.

For night-time drivers, the eRapta Backup Camera System features 10 LED lights for an impressive night vision display. Although, some drivers reported difficulty judging the night vision capabilities due to the brightness of the reverse lights. But overall, the night-time experience was still outstanding.

One fascinating attribute was its multifunctional system – the feature to randomly switch parking lines and mirror function for both front and back camera installations. However, there was a noted snag, as the backup lines appeared in the sky instead of on the ground when horizontal flip mode was turned on.

Despite its amazing functionality, a minor drawback was noticed concerning the motion performance on the display. Some users reported lag, combined with a somewhat low refresh rate, leading to occasional screen tearing. This, nevertheless, did not significantly hamper the device functionality.

Dependability was a major consideration with its two-year warranty, and lifetime technical support provided by eRapta. There were several instances where customers had minor issues that were swiftly resolved by the support department, which left us impressed.

On the other hand, a noticeable flaw in our experience was the brightness limitation at night. The display could not be dimmed to a comfortable setting, which is a feature eRapta may have to look into.

In conclusion, the eRapta Backup Camera for Truck 7” HD 1080P Front Rear View Monitor kit, stands out as a clearly reliable, effortlessly functional, and customer-oriented product. It’s a sensible pick for enhancing the parking and back driving experience of your classic car – breathing modern tech life into its retro soul without compromising on the familiarity of its look.

We hope to see continual improvements in subsequent versions of the device, and we believe its minor drawbacks do not overshadow its overall performance and the exceptional value it offers for its price.

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