DoHonest V7 Wireless Backup Camera Review: A Robust, Dependable and Tech-Savvy Invention for Your Retro Car

Hey Garage Gang, Gary here. Today we’re stepping back into the future with the DoHonest V7 Wireless Backup Camera. Buckle up tight because this little gadget has caused quite a stir here in our Garage Guru testing team, and for good reason.

The DoHonest V7 is a true wireless backup camera set designed to ease the stress of reverse parking, hitching your trailer, and overall blind spot monitoring. Its installation is a dream, requiring no more than downloading the ‘MH Cam’ app, connecting to WLAN, and the camera’s image appears on your phone or iPad. No drilling, no wiring – it’s as easy as one-two-three.

Boasting an ultra-strong set of six magnets, the V7 attaches neatly onto any metal surface on your car or even your RV. We’ve tested its magnetism on our old truck, and it’s rock-solid. For those worried about potential scratches, the magnets are cleverly covered and flush with the housing.

Despite its compact size, the V7 packs a punch with its stellar functionality. On a fully charged 9600mA battery (which we found takes about 12 hours), it can operate up to 20 hours. Now, that’s a lot of mileage without the need for an additional power source. Talk about convenience!

The V7’s visual prowess is commendable as well. Equipped with a whopping 16 IR night vision lights, and a 150° front/rear viewing angle, it offers a sharp image display under all weather and light conditions. Even on our latest night run, it came through with a clear image display that made reverse parking a piece of cake.

The V7’s connection strength is another factor we appreciated during our testing process. Even when mounted on a 30 feet trailer, the signal didn’t stutter for a moment – an impressive 320 feet range in open areas!

We also appreciated the fact that the camera is not just a one-trick pony. Being an IP69 rated waterproof gadget, it’s durable, reliable, and able to take on the might of the elements. Plus, the ability to turn on/off guide lines, flip images, and save pictures adds to its multipurpose appeal.

Of course, no review would be complete without pointing out a couple of things we hope DoHonest will consider improving. First, the camera requires recharging after each use, which may be inconvenient for some users. Second, installing the app can provide a brief, initial learning curve. However, they’re minor issues considering the convenience and functionality that the V7 offers.

In conclusion, our review finds the DoHonest V7 Wireless Backup Camera to be a dependable assistant for reversing your vehicle. It is reliable, robust, and above all, user-friendly, making it a worthy investment for any retro car owner looking to upgrade their ride into the digital age. Remember, the old beast in your garage deserves some premium tech too!

If you want to get on board and give your car an upgrade, the package includes the DoHonest wireless rear view camera, antenna, screws, power cable, charger, a helpful welcome guide, a 24-month warranty, and friendly customer service. As always, drive safe Garage Gang!

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