Garage Guru Gary’s In-Depth Review: The Anker Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth Receiver

Often, car enthusiasts meet a common roadblock: integrating modern technology with the likes of our beloved retro vehicles. Enter Anker’s Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth Receiver. We couldn’t wait to put this petite power-player through its paces!

Features at a Glance

The Soundsync A3352 houses impressive specs. Key among them include: Bluetooth 5.0, a 12-hour battery life, hands-free calling, dual device connection, and wireless music streaming. The compact device offers flexible use – from headphones and speakers to car and home stereo systems.


Our noteworthy findings include sheer ease of use, robust compatibility, and fast connection to devices. The A3352 shows off by continuously providing excellent audio quality and zero perceived latency during streaming. Plus, the battery life turned out to be up to par with the advertised claims, a good 12 solid hours.

Drivers will appreciate the A3352’s handsfree calling feature, adding a safety layer to travels. A standout feature is its dual-device pairing. Switching between devices is as easy as pie and lets you manage music, make calls, and more. The A3352’s compact size lends itself to easy transportation and offers a discreet presence in your vehicle. Also, the karaoke feature introduced by this tiny gizmo is sure to boost your in-car musical experience.


A few hiccups surfaced in our test drive. The incessant “disconnected” voice prompt when the car’s switched off might be grating, particularly for motorcycle riders. The design of the silver stereo plug could do with some tweaking. It tended to get dislodged under confined spaces or during significant vehicle motions.

Audio aficionados may spot a slight downgrade in audio quality when compared to a direct wired connection. Nevertheless, compared to other Bluetooth devices we’ve tested, the Anker A3352 performed significantly better. Additionally, we noticed a tendency of the 3.5mm jack loosening, disrupting the pairing process. The bundled 3.5mm cord could also do with an upgrade in quality.

Though providing a superior battery life, the A3352 falls short with the omission of a battery status indicator and low battery warning, leaving the user with a guessing game. Lastly, the unusually loud notification volume could use a user-control option.

Final Verdict

All said and done, our hands-on session with the Anker Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth Receiver left us with an overall pleasing impression. The device stands as a dynamite solution for those desiring wireless audio streaming in their classic chariots. Despite a smattering of design challenges and minor annoyances, the device offers an impressive set of features, a testament to Anker’s strong reputation for quality products. Most importantly, its user-friendly approach and stellar audio quality earn it a solid place in the Garage Guru’s recommended tech for your retro ride.

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