Review: Senkiila Bluetooth AUX Adapter for Car, Wireless Audio Receiver

Right from the heart of Retro Tech Drives’, our team of experts have buckled up to delve into the nitty-gritty of Senkiila’s Bluetooth AUX Adapter. Car enthusiasts, tinkerers, and tech buffs, lend us your attentions as we explore the promising features, and not-so-charming quirks of this handy device.

Product Specifications

The Senkiila Bluetooth AUX Adapter comes packed with advanced features that align well with our love for vintage rides. Designed as a solution for non-Bluetooth vehicles, this product promises handsfree calling, easy GPS navigation, and smoothly streaming music while on the go. Moreover, upgrading your classic home audio system into a wireless device with this car kit appears to be a breeze.

The adapter’s built-in microphone is a nice and needed touch, as it supports voice pick-up, and hands-free calling functionality that lets you answer or reject calls conveniently. The device also supports voice announcements from navigation apps keeping your eyes on the road, hence ensuring a safer drive.

This tiny addition to your car gadgets promises a seamless user experience with play, pause, and call control functions available at a click. The battery life of this product is fairly decent, offering five hours of usage on a 1.5-hour charge. Despite being so versatile, it manages to boast a sleek, minimalist design that gets rid of messy cables and adds to the aesthetics of your vintage ride.

Our Experience

Upon receiving the device, the team noted a smooth setup process – an experience echoed across different retro car models. Following the initial setup, another pleasing feature noticed was the device’s ability to auto-connect to the previously paired Bluetooth device.

The audio quality from the device is satisfactory, offering ample volume for a comfortable drive. One of our team members has been using this device daily for a few weeks, eager to test out the battery life. To our delight, the compact device lived up to the manufacturer’s claims, outperforming previous auxiliary devices we tested in the past.

Things to Consider

Despite the many commendable features, the Senkiila Bluetooth AUX Adapter does have a couple of notable downsides. Some of our testers reported a persistent screeching noise after continuous use, along with intermittent signal interruptions.

A few members of our team also noticed that the device tends to overheat after prolonged usage, resulting in intermittent functioning. Not recommended for motorcycle use, given its short batteries lifespan that may not last for long rides. Another potential downside is that the provided instructions could be a bit more user-friendly, to provide a seamless user experience for everyone.


While the Senkiila Bluetooth AUX Adapter does exhibit some flaws, its numerous day-to-day benefits shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your retro vehicle’s audio system or a convenient hands-free calling option, this could very well be worth the investment. Nonetheless, possible buyers should be aware of the occasional technical hitches and evaluate whether the device corresponds to their needs.

That’s a wrap from your trusted retro car tech team. Keep those engines purring and stereos blasting, until the next review.

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