COMSOON Bluetooth AUX Adapter for Car: Reigniting The Retro Roar with Modern Tech

With the passage of time, many retro cars have lost their rhythmic roar, and it was time to reignite them in our lives. The operative word here is ‘was’ because we’ve found a product that perfectly blends modern technology with our beloved classic cars – meet the COMSOON Bluetooth AUX Adapter, an innovative and much-needed addition to our classic automotive collection.

This novel device allows you to breathe a wireless life into your older car models that lack Bluetooth connectivity. After subjecting it to intensive use in multiple car models, we felt a sense of liberation from the constraints of cords. The Bluetooth adapter compelled us to revel in the wireless era without parting from our vintage vehicles, a match made in heaven indeed.

Our team found the battery life impressive with its dedicated 16-hour lifespan. The claim held true in a home stereo system during our 3-hour test, affording plenty of musical miles before the need for a pit stop recharge, which, incidentally, is briskly completed in just 2.5 hours.

Function Meets Style

One may mistakenly dismiss this adapter as a mere music device, but its capabilities stretch far beyond. The in-built microphone frees your hands and makes navigation more accurate and less distracting. Besides, the smart CVC8.0 Noise Cancellation and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technologies ensure that the congested traffic noise or the whispering wind doesn’t intrude on your calls.

Innovation at Your Fingertips

The COMSOON Bluetooth AUX adapter remains a paragon of convenience painted in a black+gray finish that is resilient to scratches, easy to mount using 3M tapes and work steadily even on bumpy roads. The features such as quick connectivity, low-profile design with minimal, user-friendly buttons, compact size, the ability to connect two devices simultaneously, and an impressive Bluetooth reach, all amalgamate to set the stage for a memorable musical journey.

A Tune of Two Notes

As with all music, this device’s performance wasn’t without its discords. However, the minor hiccups make the overall song even more charming. Despite its excellent sound quality for playing music, it falls a bit short in picking up voice commands clearly, especially in a noisy cockpit. Moreover, it can exhibit signs of occasional restlessness by reconnecting randomly but predominantly stays stable.

We observed that the richness of bass and the loudness of the sound could have been better. Although we have suspicions that it may have been the product of an AUX input rather than the device itself, it still left something to be desired.

Our Score

Drawing conclusions on the goodness of a product requires a balance between its pros and cons. Despite its few shortcomings, the device’s strengths far overshadow them. The COMSOON Bluetooth AUX Adapter serves its purpose at an affordable price while being user-friendly. It delivers satisfactory performance and has proven to abridge the gap between our classic cars and the modern world definitively.

With COMSOON’s Bluetooth AUX Adapter, let’s embrace technology without losing touch with our vintage aesthetics. After all, it’s this marriage of the new and the old that keeps our beloved classics thundering on the road of modernity.

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