AUKEPO Car Dash Cam Backup Rearview Mirror Camera Review

The AUKEPO Car Dash Cam Backup Rearview Mirror Camera is a notable addition to the current market of automotive dash cameras. Combining convenience with modern technology, this smart rearview mirror camera provides drivers with a sense of safety and confidence whilst behind the wheel.

Your attention is immediately drawn to the 4.3″ Large Screen, presenting a wide-angle view that minimizes blind spots. Enhanced night vision encourages a more profound sense of security for those after-dark drives. And speaking about seeing clearly, a 1080P dual-cam design empowers you with an excellent dual-lens display. Add to this, the rearview mirror’s waterproof 140A+ rated lenses, and you have a reliable, sturdy device at your fingertips.

A commendable feature of this dash cam is the built-in loop recording system, allowing unlimited recording. The oldest file will not be deleted when the micro-Sd card is full, ensuring no recording goes missing in action. To further bolster the product’s reliability, a built-in G-sensor system initiates recording when motion is detected, directly contributing to the safekeeping of your vehicle and, ultimately, you.

Despite the plethora of features the device offers, our testing team also identified some areas of concern. The camera delivers outstanding daytime video quality, but nighttime imagery seems to falter. Certain objects, particularly those directly under light glares such as license plates, may not come out as clear as needed.

Another area needing improvement is the power system – a capacitor to hold charge as opposed to operating on direct power would be a welcome upgrade for future models. Worthy of note too is the wire system; while it offers enough length to sufficiently reach needed areas of the car, there were instances where our team found the wires too short, particularly when installing on larger vehicles.

Furthermore, we noticed difficulties in switching the view from the front to the rear camera. In terms of user-related inconveniences, there was also a notable difficulty in understanding the instructions due to broken English, potentially making it hard for some users to operate.

One recurrent issue brought up during our testing was the tinting of the mirror. Even with the protective cover removed, some of our team found it difficult to use at night as the mirror’s dark blue tint significantly reduced visibility. This clearly is a potential shortcoming for nighttime drivers.

The lack of a proper installation manual also caused a setback. We found the instructions lacking in detail, and hunting down specific installation steps took time, which may be a deterrent for non-tech savvy users.

But, considering the price-for-value aspect, the AUKEPO Car Dash Cam Backup Rearview Mirror Camera holds its ground. With its practical design, user-friendly operations, and handy features, it is, all in all, a decent investment for those entering the dash cam market. More seasoned veteran users may want to look into more high-end models for potential purchases.

For what it’s worth, having a product that offers security and peace of mind is undoubtedly priceless. The compromises you make are well worth the extra layer of protection you gain in return.

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