If you’re a car enthusiast like us at the “Retro Tech Drives” lab, you’ll love the PRUVEEO 4K UHD Mirror Dash Cam. An elegant blend of old-school aesthetics and new-school technology, this dash cam is built for the modern retro car lover.

The first thing to note is this cam’s ultra-high definition video recording capability. With 4k 3840*2160P quality on the front camera and 1920*1080P on the rear camera, you’re able to capture key details like vehicle number plates and road signs with ease. Plus, the wide-angle lenses (170° front, 150° rear) offer a considerable field of view to reduce blind spots and effectively provide sufficient evidence in case of mishaps.

One of the standout features for us is the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Lane Change Assist (LCA). The technology is impeccable. It’s like a second pair of eyes in your blind spot – a potentially lifesaving feature. However, while the BSD and LCA are impressively accurate, we found that they only detect movements behind your vehicle and not in front, which is a minor setback.

The Super Night Vision, brought about by the combination of a Sony Starvis Sensor and F1.5 large aperture and 6-glass lens, is indeed a cut above the rest. It drastically improves the clarity of night images, which is an essential for anyone driving during late hours. A free 64GB V30 speed memory card is also included, providing ample storage for most uses.

Another commendable feature is the GPS tracking system. It records more precise data such as driving speed, route, and vehicle’s location as evidence, if ever needed. However, we found that the 24H Parking Monitor requires an extra Type-C hardwire kit, which is not mentioned in the product description. This is a bit of a disappointment, as the clarity in product descriptions is a must for any purchase.

The Loop Recording feature allows continuous recording even after the memory card reaches full capacity. Also, the G-sensor locks footage in case of a collision and the time-lapse recording option is a practicality feature for daily use.

Regarding durability, we must say, we’re fairly divided. While some of us didn’t encounter problems, one of our cameras stopped working during the summer. Also, it may be worthwhile to have an additional MicroSD card at the ready, as the supplied one was unable to format for a few of us.

The user interface on the PRUVEEO 4K UHD Mirror Dash Cam is user-friendly and quite intuitive. You’ll have the hang of it in no time. However, be aware that viewing both the front and rear camera simultaneously is not possible. Also, the rear camera image cannot be flipped on our model.

Finally, the physical properties of the cam. This cam boasts of an ultra-thin design with more functionality, thanks to the new type-C interface. It even sports 24 built-in pins and supports USB3.1 high-speed transmission. Nevertheless, it is glossier than we would have liked, and this can make it slightly hard to see in certain lighting conditions.

In conclusion, with a rating of 3.9/5, the PRUVEEO 4K UHD Mirror Dash Cam has much to offer, with only a few areas that could use some minor improvements. It’s a substantial investment, and if you’re willing to work with a few of its imperfections, you’ll find it delivers a solid performance and serves as a nifty addition to your retro car.

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