KQQ Mirror Dash Cam Review

The KQQ Mirror Dash Cam Reviewed – A Nostalgic Journey into Future

An exquisite blend of history and cutting-edge technology, the KQQ Mirror Dash Cam is yet another example of how nostalgia and innovation create a seamless driving experience for owners of retro autos. As we recently got our hands on this exciting gadget, our extensive testing offers some unparalleled insights into its functionality.

The All-Seeing Eye

The KQQ Mirror Dash Cam captures the world outside your vehicle with a sweeping 360° view through an impeccable split screen. It’s like having an extra set of eyes on the road, providing you with the serenity of panoramic observation. It boasts a 12″ rearview mirror that triples as a front and rear dash camera. The user-friendly interface is intuitive, making it a breeze to navigate the features this dash cam has to offer.

Bring on the Night

Enhanced night vision technology gives captain’s chair clarity even in the darkest hours. Whether the headlights beam directly at the camera or radiant midday sun attempts to overexpose your field of view, WDR and HDR technology ensure the picture quality never falters. The journey into the heart of the old, quite literally, becomes lighter.

Installation: Easy as One, Two, Three

The installation of the KQQ Mirror Dash Cam is simple and straightforward. Our team found the detachable frontal camera particularly impressive, as it can be strategically positioned for a tailored view, unhindered by visors or other obstructions. The ability to smoothly switch between angles optimizes your scenic drives or urban meanderings.

A Nostalgic View of the Back

The automatic reversing view provides a full-screen image that safeguards your approach when backing into off-street parking spots or driveways. The accompanying 23 ft cable should be sufficient for most needs, but a 33 ft option is also available for larger vehicles like trucks, vans and RVs. We find this a considerate upgrade, particularly for the aficionados of the classic, larger vehicles.

A Few Speed Bumps

Although overwhelmingly positive, our experience with the KQQ Mirror Dash Cam was not without a few speed bumps. As with any tech upgrade, a certain level of adaptation is needed for optimal use. We noticed that objects in the rear-view camera might appear farther back than they actually are, requiring some mental recalibration when maneuvering.

Furthermore, although the touch screen was mostly responsive, we experienced a few hiccups when trying to adjust parking guidelines on the rear-view camera. Lastly, the gadget can become heated when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time – while this didn’t affect functionality during our tests, we recommend installing it away from direct sunlight to avoid potential issues.

A Worthwhile Investment

All in all, despite a few minor setbacks, the KQQ Mirror Dash Cam is an engaging piece of modern technology seamlessly integrated into our retro rides. The addition of a free 64GB memory card, great customer service, and the added security of knowing your journey is being recorded are icing on this high-tech cake. When traditional meets innovation, an immersive driving experience is born. If you’re seeking to safely marry reminders of the past with the conveniences of the present, the KQQ Mirror Dash Cam just might be what you’ve been looking for.

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