JOMISE 4K Mirror Dash Cam Review – Old Meets New on the Road

JOMISE 4K Mirror Dash Cam Review – Old meets New on the Road

Imagine cruising in your beautifully restored Chevy Impala, sunshine beaming bright and road wide open. The journey portrays a perfect picture, but what about the safety? That’s where, dear nostalgic reader, the future meets the past. The Jomise 4K Mirror Dash Cam, with its cutting-edge configuration and remarkable attention to detail, brings security to your classic roadster with a touch of old-school elegance.

Product Specifications and Features

The love child of innovation and practicality, our tested model, G814, is from JOMISE, a company that thrives on bridging past and future. Much to our delight, the device introduces a Type-C interface specifically designed for a dash cam, an undeniable upgrade over the more traditional options. A promise of smooth high-speed data transmission, along with a more durable build that can withstand at least 10,000 unplugs and replugs.

Our hearts skipped a beat when we put it to the true test – clarity under moonlight. The 4K resolution, almost double that of a 1080P, does not disappoint. It registers every minute detail, be it in broad daylight or a moonlit night. The G814 features an 11” IPS full touch screen, a change from the typical button controls, adding a splash of modernity whilst making operation a breeze. To top it all off, it presents you with a higher resolution for vibrant colour representation.

Usability and Performance

Our experience with the G814’s installation was fairly straightforward, hiding the cables under the car trim for a clean finish. The live and recorded video quality, particularly in daylight, is praiseworthy. The rear-view image gives an extensive view with an adjustable focus angle. The touch screen is quite adept to respond to commands, though it lacks the level of responsiveness found in today’s smartphones. We found that the lack of automatic adjustment for daylight saving time to be a minor inconvenience, nothing that plays down the device’s overall allure.

The video clarity, particularly for the front camera, is one that gave us a sense of assurance amidst the hum of the engine and the open road. However, in contrast to the brilliant front camera, the back camera fell short in definition and brightness during the night-time, likely due to the lesser resolution or tinted windows. A zoom feature for the rear-view mirror would have been a great addition for estimating the distance of the following vehicles efficiently.

Customer Service and Support

It’s important to commend JOMISE’s customer service, which we found to be accommodating and prompt. Post-purchase queries and concerns about the device were swiftly addressed, they were rapid and generous with their support and provided us with an anti-glare film to combat the double display we experienced during testing. This post-sale service made our journey with the G814 all the more pleasant.


The JOMISE 4K Mirror Dash Cam is like meeting an old friend, with a few new stories to tell. It blends itself seamlessly into the nostalgic aura of your classic vehicle, whilst adding a layer of modern security and convenience. Despite a few shortcomings, if you seek a device that keeps the charm of your classic car intact while safeguarding it with advanced tech, you might just find the JOMISE 4K Mirror Dash Cam a worthy companion. Overall, it holds a respectable rating of 4.3/5 in the grand theatre of mirror dash cams, a testament to its endearing blend of the old and the new.

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