Revving Up the Retro Ride with CAMECHO 7″ Double Din Car Stereo

What happens when you combine cutting edge technology with vintage nostalgia? You get the innovative 7″ Double Din Car Stereo from CAMECHO. We recently had the opportunity to test this feature-packed audio and multimedia system. With its blend of contemporary features deployed in the classic double DIN form factor, it definitely warrants a deep dive.

The CAMECHO stereo slides seamlessly into your retro ride, infusing it with a breath of modernity. The highlight certainly is the high-resolution, 1080P Full HD, 7” LCD touchscreen, enhancing your car cockpit’s visual appeal and functionality. Though, confirm your car’s radio size before ordering for an apt fit.

From FM Radio to Steering Wheel Control and more

Beyond its ability to play a standard radio, video player, and music from USB or an SD card (supporting up to 32 GB), this car stereo offers Bluetooth support enabling hands-free calling and audio streaming. You also get to control your entertainment and calls from the steering wheel, enhancing driving safety.

Rev up your Parking Skills

Another prime feature of the CAMECHO 7″ Double Din Car Stereo is its back-up camera support. With this straightforward operation rear-view camera, you get a live feed displayed directly on the touchscreen the moment you shift into reverse. This certainly made parking our vintage vehicle easier and can be a boon for those with sizable retro cars.

Mobile Phone Synchronization

It isn’t all Smooth Driving

While the CAMECHO stereo promises compatibility with Android and iOS devices for navigation through the phone mirror link, we experienced intermittent responsiveness. Furthermore, the feature does not seem to support Samsung phones. There seems to be a small lag in the touchscreen calibration, and we found the Bluetooth connection volume unusually low. Thus, we had to resort to an auxiliary cable for adequate volume.

The Curves and Bumps on the Road

While not being truly uniform, the ‘night’ screen seemed to offer just a different contrast level rather than diminishing brightness, which might be an issue during nighttime drives. The backup camera too, could have done with a higher resolution than the 240p provided, making the ‘HD’ claim fall a bit flat. Moreover, the mirror link feature appears unreliable with iOS.

Is it Worth the Ride?

Taking into consideration all the features, the pros, and the cons, we can safely say that the CAMECHO 7″ Double Din Car Stereo offers a reasonable package at a competitive price point. It’s not a luxury device, but it’s a solid choice for a basic head unit that offers a significant upgrade over stock systems in older vehicles. The visual look and sound experience is agreeable, though not outstanding.

Lastly, CAMECHO promises excellent customer service, including detailed tutorials, FAQs, round the clock technical support, and even a one-month money-back policy. If you’re looking to jazz up your retro ride with some modern features without breaking the bank, the CAMECHO 7″ Double Din Car Stereo could prove to be a suitable co-pilot.

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