BOSS Audio Systems BCPA9685RC Car Audio Stereo System Review

If you’re seeking an upgrade to your car’s audio system that seamlessly combines functionality, connectivity, and safety, you could do far worse than the BOSS Audio Systems BCPA9685RC car audio stereo system. It ticks boxes across the board, offers hands-free usage, and comes with a reassuring 3-year warranty. Let’s take an in-depth look at this double-DIN multimedia player.

Core Features

The first thing that catches attention is the 6.75-inch touchscreen, sleek enough to complement any retro car while boasting modern capabilities. It’s compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving you access to prime features like Music, Maps, Messages, and more from your mobile device. What’s more, it doesn’t discriminate when it comes to voice assistants—utilizing ‘Siri’ or ‘Ok Google’ for your tasks is a breeze. So, whether you’re an iPhone enthusiast or an Android lover, the BCPA9685RC has you covered.

Connectivity does not stop at mobile integration. The unit goes a step further with Bluetooth functionality, letting you make calls hands-free or jam out to your favorites on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and Apple Music Subscription, with Siri serving as your personal DJ.

Let’s talk safety. The BCPA9685RC comes with a user-friendly rearview camera that automatically lowers the volume for increased concentration when the car is in reverse. Accidents in the driveway or parking lot can be a thing of the past.

The ability to rearrange your apps on CarPlay gives you a tailored infotainment experience, and support for third-party navigation apps ensures you’re never lost. Need gas or food along the way? Ask Siri, and voila—you’re guided step-by-step, adapting even to the speed limits.

Not to be missed are the several input options, with USB at the forefront. You can also connect a backup camera for safe reversing, and a steering wheel interface is available for existing wheel function use (though sold separately).

What Did We Think?

We found the BOSS Audio Systems BCPA9685RC to be a solid investment overall. The combination of its technical qualities and aesthetic appeal left a positive impression. We appreciated the actual buttons’ inclusion instead of relying solely on the touchscreen, and the durable feel of the knob. The screen, too, was smooth and responsive.

Safety leverages a significant advantage with the rearview camera, which provided clear, comprehensive visuals even when installed off-center. However, one downside is the screen brightness. It lacked vibrancy even at maximum settings, making daytime usage demanding and limiting rear camera effectiveness.

The device performed commendably for its core functions. However, we did encounter intermittent issues with the touch screen’s sensitivity. Additionally, while functionality was not impeded, the omission of a physical volume knob was noticed and mildly missed.

CarPlay was another snappy feature, working well with both android and apple phones. We did experience some troubles hearing the driving instructions while using Waze or Google Maps, but luckily there was an easy fix—increasing the volume while instructions are being given. This nuance could have been circumvented with better instructions or noted in the manual.

Despite some minor hiccups, the BOSS Audio Systems BCPA9685RC Car Audio Stereo System is worth the price. The device was easy to install and operate, and it brought a good audio experience straight out of the box. The device may have only a few core features, but it does what it promises – and does it well.

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