URVOLAX OEM 12″ Mirror Dash Cam: The Retro Meets High-Tech Review

A Comprehensive Review of URVOLAX OEM 12″ Mirror Dash Cam

Here at Retro Tech Drives, we are always excited when we find a product that brings our love for retro drives and modern technology together. Enter the URVOLAX OEM 12″ Mirror Dash Cam – a voice-controlled dashboard camera with a detached front lens, full HD digital rearview, dual split-screen, night vision, GPS features and parking assist. While it maintains the charm of the retro car design, it’s packed with high-tech features that are far from old-fashioned.


Whether you’re a classic car enthusiast updating your vintage ride or an everyday driver eager to hit the road with enhanced tech, the URVOLAX Mirror Dash Cam is a breeze to install. It perfectly fits on the original mirror, employing an OEM bracket mount that adds an elegant and solid touch. Plus, the 33ft extension cable included in the package is flexible enough to suit a wide variety of vehicle models, from compact cars to big trucks.

Voice Control Feature

Who said old-school rides and voice controls don’t mix? The URVOLAX Mirror Dash Cam surely begs to differ. Its cutting-edge voice controls elevate your driving experience, allowing you to operate the function easily while keeping your hands free for safe driving.

Display and Imaging

The 12-inch full touch screen mirror displays a wide corner view, recording more traffic signs simultaneously. This mirror leverages full laminated screen technology, ensuring you get the best image quality even under strong sunlight. And when it comes to night drives, the night vision is clear and reliable, minimizing the dazzling from other vehicles’ headlights.

Functional Flexibility & Customer Support

Perhaps one of its key selling points is its flexibility. When installing this device in a newly acquired vehicle or modifying your current ride, the device gives you an option to install the rear cam upside down by flipping the images. Moreover, the after-sale support provided by URVOLAX is top-notch. We experienced firsthand their customer-centric service approach, quickly attending to queries and troubleshooting installation issues efficiently.

Quality and Performance

The recorded video quality is satisfactory, considering the product’s price point. The display, sharp during the daytime, shows adequate performance at nighttime, although there still exists room for improvement. Nevertheless, customers who mostly drive during the daylight should find the product absolutely worth the buck.

Small Setbacks

While the URVOLAX Mirror Dash Cam offers great value and advanced features, there are a few considerations worth mentioning. Some users have reported difficulty reading the display in bright sunlight. Removing the SD card to access recordings might be awkward considering the location of the slot at the top of the display.


All said and done, the URVOLAX OEM 12″ Mirror Dash Cam, hitting a solid 4.3/5 on Amazon, is one excellent addition to your modern update for your classic ride. Expertly blending retro design and modern features, this device proves to serve every driver’s need, while still looking undeniably cool on the dashboard.

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