Garage Guru Gary’s Deep Dive into the Upgraded Jansite 10” Rear View Mirror Camera Mirror Dash Cam

Jansite’s double 1080P, 10-inch mirror dash cam boasts of pioneering the streaming media full touch screen technology within the vehicular arena. The front and rear cameras offer impressive 1080p video quality, translating into clear, crisp images. We found this feature to be particularly advantageous as every detail counts when the camera is your eyewitness. However, we noticed inconsistencies in the resolution, with the video quality resembling more of 720p rather than 1080p in certain instances.

One standout feature of this dash cam is its nighttime vision. Its analogy high definition backup camera performed exceptionally in low light conditions, making it a reliable companion during those after-dark drives. Yet, we found a glitch in the backup camera’s display: the image relay is mirrored, which, instead of helping, can confuse the driver.

The Jansite dash cam scores high in its convenience of use. Its user interface is thoughtful, making it easy to operate. The screen brightness is also adjustable, meaning no strain when driving in different light conditions. But you may face some challenges if you require a direct replacement of the backup camera lens, as the current design does not support it.

The device’s power functions are powerful. It features a long 10-meter backup camera cable, providing ample length for easy installation, especially in larger vehicles. However, some of our lab tests pointed out potential battery drainage when the device is unplugged. A situation worth noting if you plan on using it without continuous power supply.

You would expect such a device to come with an SD card, but the Jansite dash cam doesn’t. So, be sure to budget for one or the camera won’t record. While on the subject, we noticed a significant flaw concerning the SD card storage. In a simulated car accident, the recording deleted itself after being played back a couple of times. This, we think, is a crucial failing as recorded footage can be critical evidence in real accident situations.

Jansite definitely scores some brownie points with its easy installation process and remarkable customer service. We did experience an unexpected mishap with the dash cam as it intermittently powered off and on while on the move. While Jansite’s published customer service contact information seemed outdated, we managed to reach their support team via an alternate email address. They promptly addressed our issue, reinstating our trust in their after-sales service.

In conclusion, the Jansite 10” Rear View Mirror Camera Mirror Dash Cam, with its dual 1080P resolution, is a decent value for the price. It’s designed with features that enhance the safety and ease of driving. However, it has some noticeable flaws, such as the reversed image feed from the backup camera and the issue of auto-deleting accident footage. Overall, given its impressive video quality, user-friendly interface, and strong customer support, the Jansite mirror dash cam merits a 4.1/5 rating on our scale.

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