Introducing the JXTZ Bluetooth AUX Adapter for Car, a tech gadget capable of upgrading your retro ride into the digital age. With a myriad of uses, this versatile device transforms an ordinary car trip or an old-school at-home audio setup into a wireless wonderland. But does it keep up with its promise of seamless connectivity, clear audio, and stable performance? Our hands-on review aims to answer all your questions.

Performance and Functionality

As a dual-mode device, the JXTZ Bluetooth AUX Adapter stands out among its peers. However, our tests revealed that it performs best as a transmitter, linking non-Bluetooth devices like projectors to Bluetooth speakers with impressive sound quality. While used as a receiver in the car, it had a few limitations, one of which is being restricted to music playback and not facilitating phone calls.

In terms of connectivity, the JXTZ Bluetooth AUX Adapter employs the powerful Bluetooth 5.0 technology, ensuring a stable connection and fast transmission. Our team was able to maintain a strong connection up to 33ft without obstacles – a significant advantage while enjoying wireless audio in any setting.

Setup and Usability

If simplicity is a deciding factor for you, the JXTZ Bluetooth AUX Adapter won’t disappoint. Its user-friendly design ensures that you merely need to plug it in, and it effortlessly connects with your device – no complicated setup process required. A significant feature that caught our attention was its “Auto-Reconnection” that automatically pairs with the last connected phone after powered on.

Another tick in the pros column is the device’s hands-free calling and navigation support. The built-in microphone and answering controls make fielding calls on the go a breeze, and it also supports voice notifications from your favourite navigation apps. A neat feature for ensuring a safe drive!

Battery Life

The JXTZ boasts a battery life of up to 8 hours when making calls or playing music, which should suffice for most users. However, we noted a few instances where the battery life seemed to underperform, especially when the device was used for lengthy workouts. To minimise any interruptions, we suggest keeping the charging cord at hand.


Despite its positives, the JXTZ Bluetooth AUX Adapter isn’t without its flaws. Its volume regulation appears to be a common issue— the output tends to start on a low volume and needs to be manually adjusted on the phone. The inability to increase the volume is particularly felt when using it with the car’s stereo system.

Another noteworthy drawback concerned power management. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t auto turn-off when external power is lost – a necessary feature for in-car usage to avoid audio being routed to the now inaudible Bluetooth connection. Therefore we recommend manually turning off the unit before leaving the car.


Overall, the JXTZ Bluetooth AUX Adapter proves itself as a handy little device to transform your traditional audio set-up into a wireless entertainment hub or revamp your older car with Bluetooth capabilities. Despite a few hiccups – like volume issues and short battery life – the JXTZ is a cost-effective solution that delivers an impressive performance for its price.

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