Investigating the Veement Rear View Mirror Camera 12″ for Retro Cars

In our constant pursuit to marry the classic allure of retro cars with the conveniences of modern tech, we at Retro Tech Drives were excited to put the Veement Rear View Mirror 12″ Camera to the test. A product that brings the future to your rearview mirror.

First Impressions

Upon unboxing this high-tech mirror-cam combo, we were impressed with the clear and vivid display of its 12″ IPS full touch screen. Its thin profile doesn’t deviate from the classic car’s signature aesthetics but readily accommodates this staple of modern tech. We were also struck by the Type-C interface, which offers robust functionality, faster charging, and an answer to issues like screen freezes, delays, and blackouts.

Performance and Operation

After installing and firing it up, the true potential of this gadget became apparent. The Veement’s camera provides ultra HD view with 3840*2160P@30fps for front view and an impressive 2560×1440@30fps for the rearview. The night vision – accomplished by a sophisticated combination of Sony Starvis sensor, F1.5 large aperture, and WDR technology – is simply stunning. It captured sharp and detailed imagery even in extremely low light conditions, making it an indispensable tool for night drives.

Smart Features

On top of outstanding visuals, the VT12’s WiFi and GPS features proved to be an advantageous combination. The built-in WiFi enabled us to access recorded videos without needing to remove the SD card. GPS tracking recorded speed and location data accurately in real-time, and the data can be conveniently shared via the RoadCam app. The interactive voice command feature allowed us to control the camera without removing our hands from the wheel, creating a safer driving experience.

Added Security

Then came the security facets of Veement. It boasted round-the-clock parking surveillance and offered loop recording and G-sensor-based collision detection. However, to truly employ the parking monitor & time-lapse functions required an external power source or a separate hardwire kit. The unit responded intuitively to impacts during parking, recording and locking 20 seconds of video that won’t be overwritten.


The Veement 12″ Rear View Mirror Camera is certainly an innovative creation. Our team’s experience with it highlights a lot of tech-rich features that Retro Tech Drives faithfuls will appreciate. However, it does have some drawbacks. The need for an external power source or hardwire kit to utilize its full potential in security felt a bit limiting. The Veement offers professional, comprehensive, and readily-available support, which mitigates these minor setbacks. With a 3.9 out of 5 rating we believe it would make a great asset for any tech-forward, retro-loving motorist who values security and precise functionality as much as style and aesthetic.

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