Product Review: REIIE Audio Bluetooth Receiver

In an era where technology is rapidly evolving, having an old stereo system can at times feel like a step into the past. But with the REIIE Audio Bluetooth Receiver, you can breathe new life into your old system. This tiny device is a hi-fi wireless audio adapter leveraging Bluetooth 4.2 technology for superior sound transmission. Designed to integrate without hassle into both homes and cars, it modernizes your old stereo and enables seamless music streaming.

Test & Trial

Our team conducted a detailed analysis, with the goal of evaluating the real-world performance of this device. We began by testing the setup process. True to its claims, the REIIE Audio Bluetooth Receiver was easy to get up and running. Plugin into an AC power source, connect to your speakers through a 3.5mm audio cable or RCA cable, pair with a Bluetooth device like a smartphone or tablet, and it’s ready to go.

We tested it with an old Bose lifestyle system and a vintage Sony 500W stereo among others. The device functioned flawlessly, even when plugged into CD input ports, manifesting its compatibility with several systems. Moreover, one of our team members remarked the excellent compatibility with their 90s Bose Wave Radio.

The Bluetooth connection was stable and efficient, bringing the salient feature of the REIIE Audio Bluetooth Receiver to the forefront – converting old, wired devices into Bluetooth-enabled systems. We noticed that it requires a fair amount of amp power for optimal functioning, thus making it perfect for sound systems designed for loud, party-ready music. The overall sound quality was impressive and was not significantly impacted during the Bluetooth transmission process.

Design & Ease of Use

The 3D Audio Surround which can be switched on and off with a single “3D” button press adds an immersive dimension to your listening experience. One of the highlights is its ability to connect two smart phones at the same time – a feature especially useful in cars where more than one passenger might want control over the music.

Despite being technologically elaborate, it’s easy to use, with intuitive features and simple connectivity. Its multipoint Bluetooth functionality is noteworthy, giving it an edge over its competitors.

Potential Drawbacks

While the device was largely positively received, our testing team discerned a few minor setbacks. The automatic reconnection upon disruption can sometimes be bothersome, the only remedy being a complete unpairing from the device. Additionally, there have been timid indications of skipping, although quite insignificant.

One discrepancy we observed was with the product imagery. We anticipated RCA jacks at both ends, as shown in the advertisement, but the cable included had an earphone jack on one side and RCA jacks on the other. That said, most users should have the appropriate cables at hand.


Conclusively, the REIIE Audio Bluetooth Receiver is an effective, practical solution for those wishing to upgrade their old stereo systems. Its high compatibility, superior audio transmission, and 3D Surround sound feature outweigh the minor cons. The device offers great value for your money and significantly extends the lifespan of your vintage stereo, all without compromising the overall sound quality.

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