Veement 12″ 4K WiFi Mirror Dash Cam Review: Classic Meets Cutting Edge

As our eponymous name suggests, here at ‘Retro Tech Drives’ we harbour a fervent romance with the meandering timelessness of retro cars. But that doesn’t stop us from embracing the lure of contemporary technology. It’s the juxtaposition of the classic and modern that intrigues us, and we’ve found all of that in the Veement 12″ 4K WiFi Mirror Dash Cam.

Our initial anticipation was met with reality that rang true to the promise of the Veement Mirror Dash Cam. Perhaps the most striking feature we encountered was its ultra HD 4K specifications. The camera utilizes a Sony Starvis Sensor that, in our exploration, profoundly improves the clarity of the footage, capturing details like road signs and car plates even at a distance. The dual wide-angle front 170° and rear 160° lens also seemed to reduce blind spots efficiently, providing a broadened field of vision.

Installation of the Veement Mirror Dash Cam offered a confluence of old-school palpability intertwined with hi-tech engagement, inducing a type of nostalgia that evoked the fine balance between simplicity and complexity. Here existed a dashcam that offered WiFi connectivity and GPS tracking, rendering the melding of the old and the new not only seamless but intuitive. Forever the advocates of evolutions that preserve the integrity of the old while enhancing with aspects of the new, we found the in-built WiFi module particularly novel. It elevated our user experience, familiar yet innovative, as we found ourselves conveniently operating, changing settings, viewing recorded videos, and even sharing them, all from our smartphone.

The 12″ IPS full touch screen was both sleek and functional, effectively serving to remove glare. The parking monitor and time-lapse functions were interesting additions, though pertinent to note, these require an external power source or a Hardwire Kit that’s not included. The built-in G-sensor locks important footage during collision, a feature that seems to be increasingly common across car tech gadgets, yet a reassuring comfort to have.

Not all was a sumptuous journey through a blend of technological novelty and old-world charm, though. Among the cons, we struggled with the brightness, particularly at night — a shared sentiment among users — though the enhanced night vision was a welcomed feature. There was a noticeable absence of a dimmer switch, which was missed during night drives. An unignorable issue lay with the rear camera; its field of vision was limiting. There was a peculiar struggle with adjusting the camera; pointing it downwards to view the ground whilst reversing, hindered its utility as a rear view when driving.

The voice control feature, allowing hands-free interaction, was a surprising inclusion yet left us slightly underwhelmed. It worked, but lacked the precision we had dreamed of. We found ourselves sticking to manual operations more often than not.

Final Thoughts

The Veement 12″ 4K WiFi Mirror Dash Cam, in our experience, offers an insightful blend of old and new, a symphony of contrasts dancing in an entrancing rhythm. It’s not flawless, several features could be polished with greater attention to detail and refinement. However, the unit stands as a poignant example of technology enhancing the retro car experience without encroaching upon its soul — the very essence of classic cars we here at ‘Retro Tech Drives’ hold dear.

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