Podofo 9.66″ Mirror Dash Cam Review

At Retro Tech Drives, we are always on the hunt for technology that marries both modern innovation and retro style. The Podofo 9.66-inch Mirror Dash Cam is one such amalgamation that captured our interest. Here’s what we found out in our series of grueling tests.

Integration with Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto

True to its claim, the Podofo dash camera system can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to offer seamless access to your device’s features while driving. We think this is a huge win, as it promotes safety without compromising on the retro aesthetics of your pride and joy.

Quality Video Recording

The dual cameras impressed us with clear footage, even under various lighting conditions, thanks to the advanced AHD and WDR technologies. With 1080P front and 1280P rear resolutions, this device doesn’t compromise on video capture quality.

Efficient Type-C Interface and Split Screen

This Mirror Dash Cam uses a Type-C interface, known for efficiency and durability. Moreover, the split-screen feature lets you keep an eye on both front and rear views, elevating your safety level.

Sound Transmission

The built-in speaker is an excellent feature, and if you need a more robust sound, the device can transmit audio to your car speaker through FM or an Aux cable. However, we noticed some sound quality issues during our tests.

Memory Expansion

We loved the dash cam’s support for multi-language functionality and memory flexibility up to 128GB, with a complimentary 64GB card included. Still, we noted some problems with the loop recording feature during our tests which could lead to loss of crucial footage.

Customer Support

The promise of a 30-day money-back guarantee, 12-month replacement, and lifetime technical support is a solid selling point they are offering to their customers.


To wrap it up, there’s no doubt the Podofo 9.66-inch Mirror Dash Cam carries a rich roll of features that tickle the fancy of tech enthusiasts who love to infuse their vintage rides with a dash of the latest tech. However, there are some noticeable issues that could affect user experience. These matters, once addressed, would undoubtedly make the product a top contender in the realm of dash cameras.

Regardless, it’s safe to say that the device has a lot to offer and, with some improvement, could be the perfect blend of the retro and the modern that you’ve been looking for.

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