Plozoe Dash Cam Hardwire Kit: A Comprehensive Review

The Plozoe 2nd generation dashcam hardwire kit stands out in the congested market of dashcam accessories, mainly due to its comprehensive offering. The kit includes a nifty mini USB hardwire kit, a convenient installing crowbar, and four versatile fuse tap cables. Keen to establish a reliable link to your dashcam? This kit neatly packages everything you’ll need.

One of the most anticipated features of this hardwire kit is its ability to secure 24-hour surveillance for your vehicle. The hardwire kit connections enable the dashcam to continuously draw power from the car battery or fuse box, even if the car is turned off. Interestingly, the regulator senses when the car battery voltage drops to 11.6V or 23.5V and cuts off the power to reserve enough power to start your car. A considerably thoughtful feature, we found.

The advanced security standards integrated into this mini USB hardwire kit deserves a mention. With a built-in accurate switching power supply module, it transforms 12V(24V) to 5V with ease. The safeguards designed into the system promise to protect your devices against excessive current and overheating, providing an added layer of security that gives you peace of mind.

This kit impresses with its compatibility. The mini USB cable hardwire kit works efficiently with most car models (voltage between 12-24V). From dash cams and mirror cams to GPS navigators and radar detectors, this kit has you covered. However, it is important to note, we found that the kit might not work with some cameras that use a type C connector, such as the Pelsee P12 Pro.

The installation of the Plozoe dashcam hardwire kit comes across as reasonably straightforward. Following the detailed quick guide provided, even someone with no electrical experience can install this kit successfully. This ensures a neat and tidy wiring solution, freeing up your cigarette lighter for other devices. While this may seem automatic for many, the occasional user may encounter a shortage of wires for seamless battery connection.

Although the product generally fascinates with its prospect, there are instances when things didn’t go as planned. The unit worked flawlessly for a year’s period but stopped functioning later for some users. Although it claimed wide compatibility, there were cases where the product did not match the connection plug ends of specific cameras. However, it does offer an opportunity for adaptable users to modify their android charger cables and mate it with the purchased cable for a viable solution.

Despite the minor quirks, the Plozoe dashcam hardwire kit does the job quite well for what it’s worth. It’s user-friendly, offers wide compatibility, and brings in high security – a complete package for any dashcam users out there. Keeping in mind the overall rating of 4.3/5 on Amazon, we found this kit to be a reliable partner for your dashcam.

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