Test Drive Review: BEANGEL’s Car DVR Camera Dash Cam Rear View Mirror Video Recorder

Test Drive Review: BEANGEL’s Car DVR Camera Dash Cam Rear View Mirror Video Recorder

Classic car lovers rejoice! We have found a gadget that marries vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge technology – the Car DVR Camera Dash Cam by BEANGEL. With a 4.5″ inch display, this device is more than just a rearview mirror. It’s a high-tech gadget that guarantees a safer and more secure driving experience.

The intuitive user interface is unquestionably one of its top advantages. Even beginners to dash cam technology would find the device’s navigation effortlessly easy. The system was designed for an immediate and intuitive recognition of the device layout. The cherry on top is that the screen is perfectly visible even in bright daylight, which is critical for a device that’s constantly exposed to sunlight.

A remarkable feature is the quality of the video recording, with clear 1080P resolution for the front camera and VGA for the rear. Capturing all the happenings on the road becomes less about guesswork and more about factual evidence. We were particularly impressed by its wide-angle front camera lens. Whether it’s a scenic road trip or a surprise happening on the highway, this camera has got you covered.

One of the things that really drew our attention was its ability to simultaneously record videos from two different angles. This dash cam literally has eyes in the back of its head, and the front. The Picture-in-Picture display is a stroke of genius. We could maintain a clear view from both the front and backup camera simultaneously.

Storage isn’t an issue for this device. Supporting up to 256GB of micro SD memory cards, it handily beats out many competitors. The loop recording function ensures that there is no second that isn’t covered, starting automatically with ignition and switching off once the engine is killed, so you don’t worry about missing a thing during your ride.

The G-sensor feature performs well when you need it most. If an unfortunate collision is detected, it locks the video file automatically, capturing the crucial moments leading up to the incident. The sensitivity of the G-sensor can also be set to different levels, adapting to the roughness of the roads you navigate.

The quality v/s price from our test drive, seems unbeatable. Despite the device’s compact size and affordable price, it offers an impressive range of features. Even after being on the road for quite a few hours, the dash cam held up well under the baking Florida sun.

On the flipside, like any other product, this one is not without its faults. Durability could be a potential issue according to our drives. If you are hoping that this might be the last dash cam you ever buy, you may want to reevaluate.

To sum it up, the BEANGEL’s Car DVR Camera Dash Cam checks a lot of boxes for a road trip gadget. It is feature-packed, affordable, and thoughtfully designed. However, plan for possible replacement down the line. But, at this price point and with elements that make driving both simpler and safer, we think it is something worth considering.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to put the BEANGEL’s Car DVR Camera Dash Cam through its paces.

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