iZEEKR GD300 Dual Dash Camera Detailed In-Depth Review

Performance and Specifications

The iZEEKR GD300 is an excellent dual dash camera that offers a comprehensive 1080P resolution for both interior and front views of your vintage vehicle. The camera’s distinctive feature is its dual operational functionality, making it a popular choice for retro drivers seeking exceptional video quality.

The 170° front camera, coupled with the 130° interior camera, work in unison to provide real-time surveillance of both the vehicle’s frontage and the cabin, significantly enhancing your security during both active driving and parking. The cam captures impressive videos irrespective of the time of day, thanks largely to its exceptional clarity during sunny days and acceptable video quality during cloudy days or at night.

Infrared Night Vision and G-sensor

The iZEEKR GD300 dash camera excels in its Infrared Night Vision feature. The interior-facing camera is equipped with 4 infrared LED lights. These fittings give the cam an exceptional ability to accurately monitor and record the in-cabin occurrences, even in total darkness. For vintage car enthusiasts who often drive during the night, this camera doesn’t disappoint when it comes to capturing crystal-clear footage of both the vehicle’s frontage and the cabin.

Of note is the cam’s built-in G-sensor that acts as a reliable accident witness. It’s programmed to automatically record and lock impactful events in the event of a collision, ensuring critical footage is saved from any overwrite during loop recording.

User Experience and Customer Support

Despite its high tech functionality, some novice users might find the initial configuration somewhat challenging due to the sparse user manual. However, this sleek vehicle gadget’s performance outdoes most dash cameras within its price range, ensuring excellent value for money.

Users have reported occasional shortcomings with the SD card operation, and some nighttime footage tends to be grainy. However, the bulk of customers applaud iZEEKR for their swift and responsive customer service, even when faced with minor issues related to the device.

Power and Warranty

The iZEEKR GD300 prides itself on offering a 24-month full warranty, a factor that gives vintage drivers peace of mind on longevity and reliability. However, users need to keep it connected to the car charger as it doesn’t house batteries. Some users also suggested purchasing an additional SD card as a complementary part to enhance the dashcam’s performance.

Despite a few anomalies, the iZEEKR GD300 dash camera is a stellar device that offers excellent value for money overall while ensuring your vehicle’s security is top-notch.

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