iZEEKER 4K Dual Dash Cam Review

iZEEKER 4K Dual Dash Cam with WiFi GPS – Your Ultimate Riding Companion?

Ensuring the safety of car owners while on the move is the main focus of the iZEEKER 4K Dual Dash Cam. In a market riddled with substandard quality products, we took it upon ourselves to dig deep into the features, pros, and cons surrounding this device.

Setting up the iZEEKER 4K Dash Cam

In our experience, the iZEEKER 4K Dash Cam setup was relatively hassle-free. It immediately hit us with its modern design, fine-tuned to blend seamlessly into vehicles. The inclusion of both suction cup or sticky pad options for the front camera adds to the flexibility in positioning based on personal preferences.

Remarkable Video Quality

As tech enthusiasts, the iZEEKER 4K Dash Cam hit us with its decent video quality. This product harnesses modern USB-C connections, still a rarity on dash cams. Its high-quality resolution on both the front and rear cameras gave us crystal-clear footages that exceeded our expectations.

Heat Endurance and G-sensor

As far as endurance goes, our dash cam endured high heat situations, with only a few instances of it shutting down. Although, it quickly restarted itself which gives it an advantage over competitors. Interestingly, the dash cam’s G-sensor triggered often, more so when getting into the car and closing the door. At times, it led to an unintentional shut down, but we were able to catch this early.

Application Interfacing & WiFi connectivity

We did appreciate the LuckyCam app’s seamless video playback, but ran into some hiccups downloading videos. These problems were quickly solved by the commendable customer service by guiding us to download video playing apps compatible with 4K formats.

Defects and Customer Service Response

Naturally, nothing is perfect. We faced some defects where the camera started to randomly turn off, and contacted customer service about the issue. We must commend them for their excellent customer service response in promptly offering a replacement at no cost.

Memory and Data Capture

We used a 256GB micro card for storage. Although we felt it was quite big, it could store ample data fitting our needs. We had it set to record five-minute data capture sessions on both the front and rear cameras. The transfer was slow on the iPhone but much faster using a laptop for data transfers.

Unexplored Territories

There were a few features we didn’t extensively explore, such as night capture, accident detection, and other specific modes. Future users might need to delve into this on their own or wait for our detailed review.

In conclusion, the iZEEKER 4K Dash Cam, for the most part, lived up to expectations. Despite some individual issues, its pros significantly outweigh its cons. This leads us to tag it as a worthy purchase!

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