EUKI X10: WiFi Dash Cam for Cars Review

When it comes to dash cams, the EUKI X10 is known as a sophisticated blend of technology and style, all bundled up in a compact, lightweight design. It may be less noticeable compared to some chunky alternatives jostling for space on your windscreen, but this little device quickly becomes an extension of your driving experience once set up.

The size and weight of EUKI X10 make it discreet to place it virtually anywhere on your windscreen, ensuring a ubiquitous eye on the road that doesn’t intrude your line of sight. You can quickly mount it behind the rearview mirror, tucking the EUKI X10 neatly out of sight. This camera has been praised for its easy installation and for being remarkably distraction-free while on the road.

The EUKI X10 does not feature a playback screen on its back, an aspect some might be skeptical about. However, this design decision contributes to the compactness of the device. On top of that, you have the Jarvis App, an accessible interface that eliminates any need for constant physical access to the camera. Connectivity is just a tap away, granting instant access to the footage directly on your smart device. Just note that you need to be within about 15 feet away to connect your phone to the dash cam’s WiFi.

This EUKI’s offering comes with a magnetic mount. Compared to traditional suction cups, the magnetic feature allows for a much more straightforward process when it comes to removing or reattaching the dashcam. Furthermore, the dash cam packs plenty of wire for the power supply, eliminating worries about reaching the power socket conveniently.

The EUKI X10 allows for an impressive 12 hours of continuous recording, stored in one-minute increments when using a 64GB memory card. It makes quick scanning through the recording timeline convenient, helping you to pinpoint specific incidents or interesting things captured by the camera.

In terms of resolution, the EUKI X10’s 1080p output is decent enough to make out important details such as license plates. However, the output has been described as blocky and grainy by some users, which could be a downside for those expecting a premium image quality. It’s worth noting that the brand also offers a 2.5k variant of this dash cam, offering much better video quality.

The app might present some problems. Issues have been reported, including app crashes and audio absence over the user’s smartphone. This could limit your experience, especially if you’re relying on the mobile app as the primary interface for controlling and exploring the dash cam’s features. It should be noted, though, it seems some users have faced compatibility problems with specific devices. EUKI customer service has however shown to be quite responsive and helpful, reaching out to inconvenienced customers to amend issues and ensure a satisfying user experience.

In sum, the EUKI X10 cam is a mix of pros and cons. On one side, you have the sleek, compact design, impressive mounting, and power supply features, and reliable customer service. On the other, there are some real-world problems, primarily revolving around the app and output quality. However, its easy use, compact design, and accessible interface make it a noteworthy choice in the dash cam market.

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