REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam: A Powerful Companion for Your Drives

As enthusiasts of vintage cars retrofitting with modern technology, we at Retro Tech Drives were thrilled to test the REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam. After running it through its paces, we found that this piece of technology is more than just a dashcam. It’s a reliable ‘silent witness,’ constantly recording your drives, and poised to provide evidence should something unexpected occur.

Quality Recordings Day and Night

One of the striking features of the REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam is its recording quality. With its 4K front camera and 1080p rear cam, it captures crisp images, even from afar, making it easy to discern details such as license plates and street signs. Paired with its 170° wide-angled lens, blind spots are reduced, offering a comprehensive view of your drive.

To buffer its recording prowess, it also comes with impressive night vision. Armed with a high-spec Starvis Sensor and aided by specifications like an f/1.5 large aperture and 6-glass lens, it captures clear footage in low-light conditions. Its WDR & HDR technology ensures you achieve well-balanced exposure under challenging lighting situations.

Smart and Intuitive Features

The REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam is designed for the modern, tech-savvy driver. Its built-in GPS tracking precisely locates the vehicle’s route, a feature readily viewable via the RedTiger app. It leverages a Wi-Fi connection for an intuitive control interface on your smart devices, conveniently allowing you to alter settings, and view, download, or share videos.

Equally impressive is its 24H Non-Stop Parking Monitor. Upon detecting a collision or intrusion, its built-in G sensor triggers the camera to record and locks the footage, providing invaluable evidence. Do bear in mind that this feature requires a dedicated hardware kit to be plugged in for it to function.

Easy Installation and Excellent Customer Service

The REDTIGER 4K Dash Cam is easy to install, expedited by a cleverly supplied ‘orange wire pusher’ that swiftly tucks wires away, leaving you with a clean and professional installation.

The customer service provided by REDTIGER is noteworthy and demonstrates a high level of commitment towards their customers. Their prompt response and willingness to resolve issues add to the overall user experience.

Pros and Cons from Our Testing

While its feature-set impressed us, no product is flawless. We noticed an occasional stutter in the live feed on-screen during recording, while the SD card occasionally refuses to lock into place. The loop feature sometimes fails to work as expected, and the lack of an internal battery means the device stops recording as soon as the car is turned off.

Despite these drawbacks, the REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam shines as an impressive piece of technology offering high-resolution recording, easy installation, and intuitive features. The quality of the product, paired with the company’s excellent customer service, makes it a solid investment.

Based on our comprehensive testing, the REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam earns a 4.3 out of 5 rating, making it a go-to choice for our retro cars equipped with modern tech.

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