Review: iZEEKER Dash Cam 1080P

In our constant pursuit of quality tech for avid retro car enthusiasts at Retro Tech Drives, we’ve had the opportunity to test the iZEEKER Dash Cam 1080P. This dash camera stands out with features like its full 1080P HD recording capability, advanced night vision, loop recording, and wide-angle coverage. But is it the ultimate device for your classic car? Let’s delve in!


For starters, the iZEEKER Dash Cam 1080P packs a punch when it comes to recording quality and accuracy. It’s impressive how, despite the low light conditions in which some of our rides took place, the camera’s F1.8 aperture, WDR, and HDR technologies ensured clarity like daytime recording. The resultant footage rendered signboards, license plates, and other details crystal clear – a feature retro enthusiasts driving at night will appreciate.

The cam’s 170° ultra-wide-angle lens played a pivotal role in reducing blind spots and capturing a broader view of the road even in our vintage ’68 Chevy Camaro. Its seamless loop recording gives the device an upper hand in ensuring continuous recording, automatically deleting the oldest unlocked footage making room for new content.


Our team particularly enjoyed the compact size of the unit, which easily hides behind the rear-view mirror without causing any distractions. The iZEEKER Dash Cam was easy to install and intuitively designed, which made figuring out various functions straightforward, even for the most tech-averse user on our team.

One of the significant benefits of the iZEEKER Dash Cam is its resilience in extreme temperature conditions—from harsh winters to searing summers. This feature is particularly key for classic car owners who drive their vehicles in various weather conditions.


In the spirit of transparency, we encountered some drawbacks with the dash cam. We had cases where the audio quality wasn’t the best, and internal battery issues were a common complaint—however, it didn’t pose a major setback as the camera will likely be plugged in at all times. On one occasion, the device had to be reset to get it to perform optimally.

Another area of concern was that there were inconsistencies with the gap intervals between videos in loop recording. In one that we examined, the clip missed recording about 10 seconds before a critical event. Also, the date and time settings occasionally defaulted to incorrect parameters.

Final Thoughts

Despite some limitations, the iZEEKER Dash Cam 1080P stands out as a good value for the price. It performs well in most cases, and the company’s excellent customer service and support add to the overall user experience, which is key for sustaining customer trust and loyalty.

Given its impressive features, resilience, and the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction, we recommend the iZEEKER Dash Cam for those of you needing an affordable yet effective dash cam for your retro rides.

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