Ssontong A9 Dash Cam Front and Rear Review: Is It Worth The Buy?

As the retro car driving aficionados that we are here at Retro Tech Drives, we love uniting the charm of old-school vehicles with the benefits of modern-day technology. Our latest trial was with the Ssontong A9 Dash Cam Front and Rear, a dual dash camera system specifically created for cars. Possessing a 1080p full HD dual dashcam with a 3″ IPS, this device has certainly made a place for itself in the automotive world. Having tried and tested its features ourselves, here’s what we found out:

Specifications and Features

Extremely compact yet powerful, the Ssontong A9 boasts its ability to simultaneously record both front and rear views as soon as you start your engine. The 170° wide-angle lens covers four channels, reducing blind spots substantially. In addition, it features a 140° waterproof rear camera that monitors road conditions meticulously, promising a safer driving journey. The night vision technology coupled with the f1.8 aperture and WDR HDR makes night shots brighter and avoids overexposure, thus ensuring clarity even in low light surroundings.


Some highlights that stood out in this device are indeed commendable. The ease of installation of the front camera was much appreciated by us, suggesting its user-friendly design. The device also included an SD card and a suction cup, simplifying the setup process considerably. We also found the video quality – especially the day-recordings – to be above par for the price range. Additional functions cater to various needs: the loop recording, motion detection, parking monitor, G-sensor, and time stamp are undoubtedly beneficial features. For those who value customer service, rest assured: our experience has been quite positive and accommodating.


Now, on to some aspects we believe could use improvements. While it is touted as easy to install, we found the rear camera particularly challenging to set up, especially with hatchback vehicles. We also had issues with the suction cup mount, as it seems to struggle with staying adhered in hot weather conditions, causing the camera to fall. The device does not seem to have a built-in battery for operation when the car is off. Moreover, in relation to the video quality, we found that the night vision functionality failed to provide clear footage in certain cases, specifically through window tints. Finally, despite appearing robust, the longevity of this product might not be its strongest suit, as it seemed to fail just past the one-year mark during our extensive testing.


All in all, our verdict is that, despite its minor setbacks, the Ssontong A9 Dash Cam Front and Rear is certainly a good value for money. With its compact design and a host of commendable features, these dashcams serve as a reliable driving companion. Yes, they might need a little tweaking – or maybe use some aftermarket components for optimal setup – but in our view, it’s definitely worth considering for the safety and convenience it brings to your retro driving experience.

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