WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera – An All-Rounder in the Retro World?

As a self-proclaimed lover of both the past’s aesthetics and the promise of modern tech, I always relish reviewing products that seamlessly amalgamate old-world charm with cutting-edge technology. The WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera is no exception.

This dual-camera product brings together 2160p ultra-high-definition front camera footage, 1080p rear camera footage, dual-lens display capabilities, and GPS tracking, among many other features. With this myriad of elements, it is prudent to dissect this product piece by piece.

Design and Specs

At first blush, the WOLFBOX G840S impresses with its considerable 12″ screen, providing a substantial viewing area for smooth navigation. The slight curvature achieves screen ergonomics, conducive to the human eye. This dashcam is celebrated for its compatibility with both cars and trucks, making it a versatile addition to any vehicle.

But the true charm lies in the detailed specs. The front camera’s resolution upgrade to stunning 4K UHD was eye-catching. Combine this with the full HD rearview camera, and it’s clear that the visual quality is a major selling point. The dashcam implements WDR&HDR tech for lighting balance, making night driving as effortless as it is in daytime.


The system boasts some sparkling features such as GPS tracking and 24-hour precise parking monitoring. It also has a handy smart screen split function and a mirror flip for rear image view. Its ability to record in high quality, even in challenging lighting situations, makes driving at night effortless.

Pros and Cons

Nevertheless, every product has its pros and cons. While the myriad of features packs quite a punch, the lack of auto brightness was a slight drawback. Other users echoed this sentiment, calling into question the product’s adaptability in various lighting conditions.

The GPS tracking facility ran into occasional hiccups, showcasing inaccurate speeds at times. This daunting little inaccuracy could cause confusion and potential inconveniences for any driver.

That said, a noted ethos of excellence radiated from customer service, eager to aid and resolve all queries, which is a clear positive.


Having considered, meticulously, the array of features and minor drawbacks, it’s clear that the WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera is more than just a useful tool – it’s a blend of the vintage and new-age tech, making for an epic ride for any automobile.

This is a must-have for retro car enthusiasts who understand the value added by modern tech. Remember, it’s not just a dashcam; it’s an experience – a ride through the lanes of the past, with the wind of the future at your back.

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