SUVCON 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear – Comprehensive Review

Crystal Clear Video Quality

Stepping into the SUVCON 4K Dash Cam promises you impeccable video quality from a 4K front camera and a 1080p rear camera. My experience was no different. With the advanced chip and top-quality lens nestled in the dashcam, it effectively captures every road detail, including license plates and signage, in both day and night. The 170° wide field of vision for front and 150° for the rear camera ensures that no moment goes unrecorded. Although, a few customers have reported difficulty with the included SD card, swapping for a new one improves the situation.

Stellar Night Recording

The SONY STARVIS IMX335 sensor, coupled with an aperture of f/1.55 and WDR technology, guarantees excellent night vision recording. Thus you can capture every detail, even in low-light environments. However, capturing the best image can be slightly challenging due to the tint in certain vehicles. Nonetheless, the camera’s performance remains consistently impressive.

WiFi Accessibility and App Control

Having built-in WiFi is a game-changer. The dashcam connects to your iOS or Android device allowing video playback, download, setting adjustment, and even sharing on social media platforms. However, be warned the playback only works when connected to the dash cam’s Wi-Fi, which can be a bit inconvenient for some.

GPS Tracking, 24H Parking Guard, and Loop Recording

The dashcam boasts GPS tracking, effective in recording your route, location, and speed, all essential during insurance claims. The 24H Parking Guard feature serves as custodian when you’re away from the vehicle, recording any unexpected collisions. Getting this feature to work, though, may require purchasing an additional hardwire kit. Finally, the built-in loop recording ensures the seamless replacement of old recordings with new ones keeping your memory card free from unnecessary clutter.

Solid Design and Easy Installation

On a physical level, the dashcam’s lightweight design appealed to me. It is compact and does not obstruct the view while driving. Installation is fairly straightforward, with wire clips provided for easy setup, although some customers did highlight the camera is quite wide and takes up space on the dashboard.

Customer Service

SUVCON offers an 18-month warranty which combined with 24/7 technical support, definitely amps up consumers’ trust in the product. However, improved accessibility to customer service to address glitches like difficulty with the night vision feature has been suggested by some users.

Overall Impression

From my experience and a good look into customer reviews, the SUVCON 4K Dash Cam offers a solid performance in video recording, GPS tracking, parking monitoring, and overall usability. The ease of installation, WiFi accessibility, and excellent video resolution are the main winners. However, there is room for improvement in customer support, app functionality, and the provision of a comprehensive instruction manual. Given its 4.4/5 rating on Amazon, it is safe to say that the SUVCON 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear offers an enjoyable and reliable experience that ensures your journeys are well-documented and monitored.

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