SPADE Dual Dash Camera 1296P Review

SPADE Dual Dash Camera 1296P: An Affordable Security Device for Your Vehicle

The SPADE Dual Dash Camera 1296P stands out among the crowd of dash cameras in the market, not just for its budget-friendly price, but also for its interesting mixture of advanced features, ease of use, and the advantage of a free 32GB card. My experience with this device has been generally positive, although like any product, it isn’t without its drawbacks.

High Definition Resolution with Wide Coverage

The SPADE dash camera provides clear, vivid video recordings thanks to its Full HD 1296P resolution, easily capturing the road situation in front and behind. With its wide-angle front (170°) and rear (130°) cameras, blind spots are significantly reduced, increasing the safety and security on the road.

Excellent Night Vision

The camera’s night vision leaves nothing to be desired. Equipped with six infrared LEDs and Wide Dynamic Range technology, it captures clear videos even at night or in low light scenarios, ensuring a reliable surveillance tool around the clock.

Loop Recording and G-Sensor for Seamless Operation

The G-Sensor becomes exceedingly handy in the event of a collision. The device instantly locks the current video recording, preserving it from being overwritten during typical loop recording. However, it can consume storage quickly, gobbling up 1GB for every 5 minutes of recording. Thankfully, the loop recording mechanism helps maintain ample space in storage by replacing older files with new ones.

Effortless Installation and User-friendly Operation

The SPADE Dual Dash Camera is designed for easy installation. The suction mount can be conveniently attached on your windshield in no time. The operation is simple enough for even technologically less savvy users.

Effective Parking Monitor

Once your vehicle is parked, the dash camera continues to safeguard it. When the G-Sensor Level is reached due to a collision or impact, the camera fires into action, recording a 30-second video and then saving it for future reference.

Captivating Add-ons

Not only does it come pre-loaded with a 32GB memory card, but the camera also offers multiple settings that include the ability to record audio. Loop recording and 24-hour parking monitoring features also add substantially to its value.

Generous Technical Support and Guarantee

SPADE provides exemplary customer support, along with a powerful lifetime 7*24 hour technical support guarantee. While the steep learning curve for some users may reduce its initial appeal slightly, it becomes easier with time and patience.


Nonetheless, a few drawbacks must be noted. The installation process, though generally simple, could prove challenging under certain circumstances. A few users have also reported a lack of satisfaction with the adherence of the rear camera, leading them to resort to personalized solutions. The somewhat intrusive startup sounds might be distracting and annoying for some. Despite these minor speed bumps, the SPADE Dual Dash Camera 1296P is a commendable product when viewed in light of its performance and affordability.


Evaluating its pros and cons, the SPADE Dual Dash Camera emerges as a reasonably priced, practical solution for those desiring reliable in-car surveillance. If you can negotiate its minor limitations, it promises reliable functionality and user-friendly experience, making it as valuable an addition to your car as it is to your peace of mind.

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