Retro Tech Drives: Rexing M2 Smart BSD ADAS Dual Mirror Dash Cam Review

Retro Tech Drives: Rexing M2 Smart BSD ADAS Dual Mirror Dash Cam Review

In our continued exploration of blending vintage aesthetics with modern technology, the team at Retro Tech Drives delved into the underpinnings of the Rexing M2 Smart BSD ADAS Dual Mirror Dash Cam. This particular model offers a plethora of features, including dual 1080p video recording, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), blind-spot detection (BSD), and GPS to enhance and modernize your retro drives.

The 12″ IPS touchscreen serves not only as a platform to access the camera’s functionalities but also doubles as a rear mirror. It provides a wider field of view, which is a considerable upgrade, especially for retro vehicles with notorious blind spots. Nonetheless, be prepared to navigate occasional daylight glare, especially if you’re driving in high-light environments like the desert. The glare could potentially impede the view, but in such cases, another rear-view mirror can assist.

The video quality holds up decently, with a 2K front and 1080p rear camera making license plates highly visible up to a distance. On a well-lit street or during daytime driving, the camera performs superb. Nighttime driving, however, does present some visibility challenges, with the least of light leading to glares, obscuring the live view considerably.

One key selling point of the Rexing M2 is its Advanced Driver Assist System which serves a lane change assistant. Contrarily, we found this feature to be less than ideal, with occasional false registries during our tests. While this adds an extra sense of security, constant resetting of this feature can be cumbersome and distracts from the primary function of the dash cam.

The camera also packs a G-sensor, locking in video at the detection of any impact during driving. This could be a double-edged sword though, as even slight bumps lead to locked files, and after a certain amount, new locks can’t be placed. This could lead to loss of critical footage, something to take a note of. Conversely, on a positive light, the responsive touchscreen interface is very user-friendly and gets you through setting up and operating the camera quite seamlessly.

We also invested some time understanding the camera’s loop recording and parking monitor features. Once the memory card hits storage limits, this dash camera automatically overwrites the oldest footage, ensuring the capture of recent events. This comes handy for civil disputes or evidence requisition in unfortunate cases of accidents. But remember, clarity at night is not the camera’s forte.

The installation process is fairly straightforward, and mounting the camera in a way that it blends with the retro aesthetics was a breeze. Kudos to the brand for also offering 18 months of warranty, showing they do stand by their product, for most part. However, some users reported hit-or-miss customer service, so that’s something to keep in mind.

All in all, the Rexing M2 delivers a mixed bag of good and bad. It shines with its dual recording, blind spot detection, and straightforward installation. But expect to partake in the dance of occasional daylight glare, letdowns from the smart features, and possible customer service lapses.

Nevertheless, the allure of integrating future tech with past aesthetics can be worth these growing pains. Closing with a 3.8/5 rating, the Rexing M2 may not be the go-to solution for all, but certainly an option worth exploring for the retro-tech enthusiast in you.

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