DoHonest RV Backup Camera: Taking Retro Cars into the Future

As a committed retro car enthusiast, we’re always on the lookout for high-quality, up-to-the-minute technology that can integrate seamlessly with our cherished models. Recently, we’ve had the chance to really put the DoHonest RV Backup Camera to the test.

This marvel of modern tech is designed for a simple installation on any Furrion Pre-Wired system, seemingly promising “Plug & Play” functionality aligned with a retro aesthetic. Out of the box, the system looks impressive and solid—just the kind of tech modernity we need for our retro rides. But does it truly stand up to our rigorous testing? Let’s find out.

Features and Installation

The key feature of the DoHonest RV Backup Camera is its ability to transmit up to 320ft in open areas and 56ft on vehicles, reducing blind spots significantly. We found the installation to be relatively simple, thanks to the bracket adapter and pigtail wire plug, even completing the setup in less than 10 minutes. Kudos to the DIY guide lines; it’s an excellent addition for a safer and easier driving and parking experience.

Performance and Image Quality

During our test drives, the camera’s performance seemed consistent, providing a clear and stable visual in several environments and lighting conditions. The impressive IP69 waterproof rating allowed us to test it under adverse weather conditions without any visibility compromise. As for nighttime driving, nine infrared lights effectively delivered a clear view, allowing for secure and stress-free reverses even in pitch-dark scenarios.

A Useful Companion for Safety and Convenience

We loved the “DVR dash monitor” for your rearview functionality. It records your surroundings, functioning almost like a third eye in the back. The ability to add up to 4 wireless hitch trailer cameras or a license plate camera for front/side/rear views is a huge plus. The camera quality met our expectations with true HD 1080P images and videos.

Customer Service

DoHonest certainly seems to take their customer service seriously. We noticed they offer lifetime technical support, a 3-year replacement warranty, and even a 30-day money-back guarantee. Our experiences with their customer service were up to the mark, receiving timely responses and attention to our queries.

The Good and The Not So Good

As with any product, the DoHonest RV Backup Camera comes with its highs and lows. On the plus side, the image quality truly stands out with minimal glare in direct sunlight. The camera’s night vision feature is strong, and the pairing process was quite simple. Despite a few reports of signal issues, we experienced zero connection loss in our testing scenarios. We also appreciated the bonus spare parts provided for any potential wiring mishaps.

On the downside, the installation manual wasn’t very elaborate, causing slight confusion during installation. Another minor issue was the limited field of view and a slight lag in the transmission, which proved a bit problematic at highway speeds. While the power adapter was a bit troublesome for us, we managed to circumvent this by wiring it directly.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, we found the DoHonest RV Backup Camera to be a considerable asset for any retro car driver seeking an infusion of modern tech. There’s much to love about it, from the quick installation process to the exceptional performance and customer support. It surely demands some minor tweaks, but considering its amazing features and that 4,6/5 rating on Amazon, we firmly believe it’s a real tech gem for our retro rides.

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