GLK Car Backup Camera Review – A Classic Reimagined

The GLK Car Backup Camera, through the lens of nostalgia, evokes the spirit of innovation and dexterity. Encompassed in this unassuming little device, history and technology blend seamlessly, proving that even the most adored classics can benefit from a modern touch.


The GLK Car Backup Camera possesses an HD Super Day and Night Vision capability, thanks to its upgraded chips and glass lens. This provides drivers with a crisp, real-time view of their surroundings, regardless of whether it’s bright noon or a pitch-dark night. Furthermore, its in-built 9 LED lights auto adjusts, ensuring optimal illumination at all times.

One of its versatile features is its ability to be installed as both a Front or a Rear View Camera, along with the optional guide line. Unique to the GLK Car Backup Camera is its 149° Wide View Angle, adjustable lens and an exacting IP 69K Waterproof rating. This guarantees not only a broader perspective for the driver but also ensures the camera’s functionality in extreme weather conditions. The camera screams ‘not just form but function’ in every sense.

Finally, the simplicity and ease of installation is commendable. A total novice can manage to mount it correctly without much hassle, and it effortlessly fits onto a wide range of vehicles from trucks, SUVs to sedans and RVs.

What Stands Out

Our extensive use and testing revealed several standout attributes of the GLK Car Backup Camera. Its video quality, both during the day and at night, is remarkably clear. The zealous night vision capabilities, powered by its super bright LEDs, is a noteworthy feature. The images produced are sharp, detailed and the wide image ensures a comprehensive view of the surrounding, translating to safer drives and parking.

The addition of versatile installation options adds to the flexibility of this piece of technology. Be it front or rear, the camera performs exquisitely. Moreover, the commendable waterproof rating adds a layer of reliability to the device. Users also praised the camera’s ability to instantly transform their driving experiences on various platforms such as electric bikes and the added convenience of being able to turn the LEDs on and off as required.

One particular user touted its smooth integration with their Sony AS5600 car radio, noting the crystal clear and wide image display that it offered. Not to be ignored were the comments praising the affordable price of such technology, delivering a high-quality image, thus lending extraordinary value for money.

Points To Be Noted

While our experiences with the GLK Car Backup Camera have been largely positive, we did encounter a few bumps along the road. For instance, the setup can be somewhat challenging for people biassed against wiring, as evidence by a user who found hiding the wires to be the trickiest part. A clear set of instructions could rectify this.

We also noticed the occasional ‘no signal detected’ error, despite the camera image being displayed. Additionally, despite the waterproof rating of IP 69K, there are some concerns regarding conflicting ratings, with the product packaging indicating a lesser rating of IP65. This discrepancy warrants clarification from the manufacturer. Finally, a minor inconvenience some users mentioned was the LEDs being dimmer than their existing backup lights.


All in all, the GLK Car Backup Camera, with an average rating of 4.4/5 on Amazon, is a solid addition to your classic ride, irrespective of its form factor. It successfully melds the essence of the old with the ingenuity of the new, creating a harmonious blend of eras. It’s a respectful nod to the past, while simultaneously embracing the future.

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