AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera Review

Discover the potential of the AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera, a product that fuses modern technology with the simplicity and practicality every car owner desires. Our team at Retro Tech Drives has thoroughly tested this device to bring you an unbiased, in-depth review.

Features and Specifications

The CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera prides itself on its vivid, contemporary imaging thanks to the PC1058 sensor. This provides smooth images which are not over-saturated, an improvement on many other models. Users will appreciate its adjustable 6-glass lens and a 0.1-lumen rating, giving it superior night vision capabilities.

The camera is impressively waterproof and temperature resistant, capable of functioning in conditions between -4°F and 149°F. Additionally, its 2.4G Wireless technology promises stable, real-time signal transmission, making it well-suited to vehicles such as Vans, SUVs, Trucks, and Trailers.

Installation & Setup

One of the standout attributes of the AUTO-VOX CS-2 is its simplistic, wireless setup, featuring a built-in transmitter, eliminating the need for wires connecting from the monitor to the rear camera. Installing the device involves powering the monitor through the included cigarette lighter or fuse box and connecting the rear camera. Although we noted that some users might have preferred a more detailed guide and components for the power connections.


The device delivers superior performance with no apparent lag, unlike some other models on the market. The image quality was in line with expectations, providing perfect visuals even under bright sunlight. Users should be aware that gridlines might not precisely mirror the width of the car. We found the device’s potential to function efficiently, especially for single-person backups and trailer hook-ups.

Customer Service

AUTO-VOX has earned commendable marks for its prompt and efficient customer service. We found out that they are impressively responsive to queries, providing replacement parts and units without delay. This dedication to customer satisfaction should certainly be highlighted.


We noticed that although this device is generally reliable, a few users have reported problems with the camera. These include behaving unusually and occasional losses of connectivity. However, AUTO-VOX promptly replaced the units and the concerns were swiftly addressed. Care should be taken to ensure the antennae have a clear line of sight, for optimal performance.


The AUTO-VOX CS-2 is a compact, reliable tool that significantly boosts the practicality and safety of your vehicle. It is a worthwhile investment for anyone who frequently parks in tight spots or navigates through busy areas. With reliable customer service and high-quality imaging, we find this device to be generally favorable, although a more detailed installation guide for non-expert DIY-ers and compatibility with a wider range of power sources might have been appreciated.

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