Review of KQQ 12″ 2.5K 3 Channel Mirror Dash Cam

An In-Depth Review of the KQQ 12″ 2.5K 3 Channel Mirror Dash Cam

As automotive technology advances, so do the accessories that accompany our vehicles. Today, we delve into the world of dash cameras, specifically the KQQ 12″ 2.5K 3 Channel Mirror Dash Cam, a modern and intricately crafted device that pays homage to the ethos of vintage motor-tech: functionality, purity, and engagement. Rated at 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this product holds substantial promises along with a few surprises.

Features & Specifications

The KQQ 3 Channel Mirror Dash Cam boasts a triple camera system, offering an impressive 2.5K resolution for the front lens and 1080p for both the interior and rear cameras. With its easy-to-navigate 12″ anti-glare IPS touchscreen, the device provides crystal clear footage and an expansive field of view. For those consumers concerned with navigating diverse routes, the dash cam is equipped with GPS tracking, which, however, warrants the purchase of an external module.

A notable feature is the parking monitor function that, with a hardwire kit, provides around-the-clock surveillance. The longevity of the device is supported by a generous 1-year warranty, further backed by responsive and helpful customer service. Despite its raft of features, our rigorous testing revealed both pros and cons of this product, which are outlined below.


Across various scenarios, we noticed that the front camera provided high-resolution video, performing admirably in different lighting conditions. The touchscreen reaction was fast and responsive, facilitating a user-friendly experience. A remarkable value-add is the inclusion of a 64GB SD card, making setup a breeze.

The dash cam scores high on versatility—not only does it offer impressive video quality, but it also allows three-way camera switching. This feature makes for a flexible viewing experience, complimenting the high-resolution color cabin camera.


While flaunting several commendable features, the KQQ dash cam is not without its drawbacks. Our testing revealed issues with the motion blur, making license plates hard to discern unless the car is in close proximity. We also noticed that the monitor’s resolution was slightly lackluster compared to expectations of current technology. This issue would often make the rearview less crisp and clear, an unwelcome disadvantage given the system’s wide-angle perspective.

The rear camera performance, particularly in low-light or direct sun conditions, fell short of expectations. Night vision struggled to offer a clear image, reducing the effectiveness of the rear-view option during evening trips. Furthermore, the absence of an internal battery posed a challenge, with instances of abrupt power cuts interrupting the recording function.


In conclusion, the KQQ 12″ 2.5K 3 Channel Mirror Dash Cam, while reflecting an innovative blend of modern and vintage features, does exhibit limitations. However, its standing as a versatile, high-resolution camera system with crucial safety features makes it a worthy consideration for customers seeking an upgrade to their driving experience.

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