Review: KQQ 2.5K Dash Cam Mirror with GPS (12”) – A Technological Marvel for Classic Car Enthusiasts

As retro car enthusiasts, the team at Retro Tech Drives has a soft spot for classic designs. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a modern marvel when we see one. The KQQ 2.5K Dash Cam Mirror with GPS has impressed us with its sleek features and impeccable performance, adding an attractive blend of retro aesthetic and modern technology to any classic car dashboard.

Witness the Future with Real 2.5K & 12” Display

One of our favorite features of this dash cam mirror is the 2.5K front camera. Prepared to be wowed by the level of clarity this small device provides. Alongside the WDR and HDR tech, the image quality produced is nothing short of impressive. Your video experience will not just be clear and smooth but also balanced in exposure, allowing essential details like license plates to be effortlessly discerned.

Flexibility and Protection with 360° View and GPS

The way the front camera can be positioned to record from various angles truly caught our attention. This 360° rotatable design is great for capturing front, side, and even inside views of your vehicle. The included GPS feature is a fantastic addition, recording not only when but where events occurred, and providing accurate speed data. This, combined with the G-sensor, offers an additional layer of security by ensuring all events are recorded and saved.

Making Parking a Walk in the Park

The cam mirror also has amazing features for parking. Once it detects reversing, the rearview and guidelines are automatically displayed to give you a clear view of where you’re going. Also, the view angle can be adjusted through the touchscreen, providing wider rear vision for easier parking. The parking monitor function is an added bonus that gives peace of mind when your vehicle is unattended.

Suitable for All Kinds of Vehicles

Considering the varying types of vehicles driven by our readership, we were also excited about the versatile mounting options this dash cam offers. The “mirror and flip” menus allow vertical or horizontal adjustments of the front/rear image settings to fit all types of vehicles, making this an ideal fit for SUVs, pickups, campers, vans, and trailers.

Impressive Storage and Support

Included with this dash cam mirror is a free 64GB card, and with the support of loop recording, daily file storage will never be a concern. The rear cam cable being 23ft long also is a nice bonus, and helps with easy setup in larger vehicles.

Perhaps the best part of the KQQ 2.5K Dash Cam Mirror, though? The brand’s fantastic after-sales warranty. With a dedicated team of engineers ready to assist, we felt completely supported with any installation or function inquiries we had during testing.

Final Verdict

Given our experience and the impressive 4.4/5 rating on Amazon, we believe the KQQ 2.5K Dash Cam Mirror with GPS is a worthwhile addition for anyone looking to bring a touch of modern tech to their classic ride. It offers superior night vision, innovative design, and excellent customer support. While it’s a dash cam mirror of the future, it fits right into the classic charm we cherish here at Retro Tech Drives.

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