BEANGEL Car DVR Rear View Mirror Video Recorder 4.3″ Inch – A Blast from the Past with A Modern Stroke

When we laid our hands on the BEANGEL dashcam, we were eager to integrate this modern tech into our classic cars, preserving their retro aesthetics while empowering them with the capabilities of the new age. With an overall 4.2 /5 rating on Amazon, we were optimistic about its performance, and it didn’t disappoint.

Specifications and Features:

The 4.3-inch screen provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that ensures easy operations and quick recognition. Further, this car cam supports up to 256GB of micro SD memory cards, giving it an upper hand in extended recording time over its competitors.

But the feature that truly sets it apart is its dual camera recording ability. This feature allows recording videos from two different angles simultaneously, hence providing a clear view from both the front and rear camera. And what could be more beneficial than having the video and audio automatically recorded in an endless loop and saved in a memory card? Whether it’s capturing unexpected moments, scenic travels, or traffic incidents, this device is definitely your trustworthy companion.

The video quality is more than satisfactory with a resolution of up to 1080P (front camera mode) and 720P when both camera modes are in use. The rear camera works with VGA resolution. With a wide-angle front camera lens, all the actions are captured in crystal clear video.

The sensitivity levels of the G-sensor distinguishes this device further. Upon detecting a collision or crash, the device automatically triggers video recording and file locking, hence securing the important evidence you need. This piece of tech certainly displays a healthy blend of a simple, old-fashion aesthetic with reliable modern features.

Real User Experiences:

During our time with the BEANGEL dashcam, we’ve gathered valuable insights from our team, which resonates well with real customer experiences. The ease of installation was noticeable, as many of us appreciated how straightforward it was to set up.

Its performance during the day was noticeably good, and while the resolution may not be as high to decipher number plates from far during low light conditions or night, it excelled in most scenarios. Some of us experimented with the placement of the rear-view camera, and the flexibility it offers was certainly commendable.

However, like every product, it wasn’t without its downsides. A recurring issue common to us and other users was that it’s always on and recording if connected to a continuously powered cigarette lighter. Therefore, a power button on the adapter could have been a worthy solution. Also, a few members of our crew, while admiring the blue-tinted mirror, found it blinding during night drives due to reflections of high beams from vehicles following too close.

Our experience with the product for over two years showed consistency in its performance. It has played an integral role in resolving several accident claims where the integrated G-sensor automatically activated the recording function during collisions. This aspect certainly gives peace of mind.

Final Thoughts:

As Techno Tom, we’ve found that the BEANGEL Car DVR Rear View Mirror Video Recorder 4.3″ inch Back Up Car Camera doesn’t only provide a blast from the past with a retro touch, but also infuses modern tech to give drivers both comfort and security. It’s true that it can use some improvements, especially regarding its constant recording and reflective mirror, but its overall performance, video quality, and ease of use make it a worthy accessory for all retro tech enthusiasts.

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